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doc: HOWTO update for morecore
Add note about bug when preloading the library with a linked application Signed-off-by: Steve Fox <drfickle@us.ibm.com>
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@@ -160,6 +160,10 @@ environment variables:
This tells the dynamic linker to load the libhugetlbfs shared
library, even though the program wasn't originally linked against it.
+ Note: If the program is linked against libhugetlbfs, preloading the
+ library may lead to application crashes. You should skip this
+ step in that case.
2. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory containing libhugetlbfs.so
This is only necessary if you haven't installed libhugetlbfs.so to a
system default path. If you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, make sure the