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HDP- Hortonworks repo containing the Jetty security fixSteve Capper4 years
masterAdd Hortonworks repo containing the Jetty security fixSteve Capper4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-02Add Hortonworks repo containing the Jetty security fixHEADmasterHDP- Capper
2015-05-14HADOOP-11960. Enable Azure-Storage Client Side logging. Contributed by Dushya...cnauroth
2015-05-05HDFS-8219. setStoragePolicy with folder behavior is different after cluster r...Xiaoyu Yao
2015-05-04BUG-35869. HDFS-7587. Edit log corruption can happen if append fails with a q...Arpit Agarwal
2015-04-29YARN-2816. NM fail to start with NPE during container recovery. Contributed b...Jason Lowe
2015-04-29YARN-2874. Dead lock in DelegationTokenRenewer which blocks RM to execute any...Karthik Kambatla
2015-04-29YARN-2340. Fixed NPE when queue is stopped during RM restart. Contributed by ...Jian He
2015-04-29YARN-2992. ZKRMStateStore crashes due to session expiry. Contributed by Karth...Jian He
2015-04-29YARN-2414. RM web UI: app page will crash if app is failed before any attempt...Jason Lowe
2015-04-29YARN-2905. AggregatedLogsBlock page can infinitely loop if the aggregated log...Jason Lowe