BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
96boardsmraa: 96boards: add support to HiKey 96boardJorge Ramirez-Ortiz3 years
db410carm: Add support to DB410CSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
master.travis.yml: enabled JAVA 8 builds with gccMihai Tudor Panu3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-02.travis.yml: enabled JAVA 8 builds with gccHEADmasterMihai Tudor Panu
2015-12-01cmake: use cmake includedirKevron Rees
2015-12-01ft4222: adds initial support for on-chip GPIO in mode0Mihai Tudor Panu
2015-12-01ft4222: prepares onboard gpio support in addition to i2c expander optionMihai Tudor Panu
2015-12-01gpio: function replacement for gpio write callsMihai Tudor Panu
2015-12-01i2c.c: Fix identation/style and simplify logic in mraa_i2c_readMihai Tudor Panu
2015-12-01i2c.c: call correct adv func in mraa_i2c_read_byteMihai Tudor Panu
2015-11-30java: Added auto load library code to the SWIG interface fileStefan Andritoiu
2015-11-23README.md: updated package name in opkg command exampleAlex Tereschenko
2015-11-19README.md: Add UPM style images for documentation moving links to mraa.ioBrendan Le Foll