BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
DB845cucm: Add: ucm files for DB845c HDMI audioSrinivas Kandagatla5 days
db820cucm: Add DB820c HiFi configSrinivas Kandagatla7 months
mastertopology: Allow a data section to contain multiple tuples objectsMengdong Lin24 months
qcomWIP: qcom: asoc-topology config fileSrinivas Kandagatla23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-27topology: Allow a data section to contain multiple tuples objectsHEADmasterMengdong Lin
2017-04-21ALSA: pcm: Use recursive mutexTakashi Iwai
2017-04-21hwdep: add support for MOTU FireWire series and RME Fireface seriesTakashi Sakamoto
2017-04-21hwdep: add Line6 USB series supportTakashi Sakamoto
2017-04-21timer: obsolete legacy rtctimer instanceTakashi Sakamoto
2017-04-21topology: Group elements with the same index value into a blockFuwei Tang
2017-04-21topology: Look up references for an object based on its indexFuwei Tang
2017-04-21topology: Remove code parsing index value in paring each objectFuwei Tang
2017-04-21topology: Insert new element based on its index valueFuwei Tang
2017-04-10pcm: dmix: Disable var_periodsize as defaultTakashi Iwai