AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-05Fixed the segmentation fault by check the kernels isn't null in kernellist.create_kernels_in_programShow Liu
2014-11-21test: parameter types: updated to test for int4 to float4 conversion.Gil Pitney
2014-11-21Fixed kernel stub argument marshalling code to ensure proper alignmentGil Pitney
2014-11-19clCreateBuffer(): Ensure allocation meets minimum alignment for double16 typeGil Pitney
2014-11-17Remove redundant getPointerToFunction() call.Gil Pitney
2014-11-13Test: Added unit test to help debug Khronos basic_parameter_types vector testGil Pitney
2014-10-28Initial Commit: Based on TI OpenCL v0.8, originally based on clover.Gil Pitney