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masterSupport customize clang programShow Liu5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-11-11Support customize clang programHEADmasterShow Liu
2013-11-11Fixed for clang 3.3 build-in types errorsShow Liu
2013-11-11Fixed for clang 3.3 build-in typesShow Liu
2013-11-11Fixed for the tests errors(tests kernel)Show Liu
2013-11-05tests: Get tests subdir to build.Gil Pitney
2013-11-05Fixed: able to specific llvm-config pathShow Liu
2013-11-05LLVM: More LLVM 3.3 fixes.Gil Pitney
2013-10-31Fixed for clang link errorShow Liu
2013-10-31Fixed for LLVM 3.3 changedShow Liu
2013-10-25Fixed link error, add link to ffi and dl shared libraryShow Liu