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masterdependency updates in packagingMichael Hudson-Doyle6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-01-14dependency updates in packagingHEADmasterMichael Hudson-Doyle
2012-12-05very simple debian packagingMichael Hudson-Doyle
2012-11-22Added missing include for PATH_MAXDavid A. Long
2012-11-21improve compare performance add compare.shAndy Green
2012-11-13add masks and dump optionsAndy Green
2012-11-13generate frame fingerprintAndy Green
2012-11-13introduce lava-png still frame assessmentAndy Green
2012-11-13refactor sources to subdirAndy Green
2012-11-11add length switch arbitrary size test fileAndy Green
2012-11-11add ignore silent switchAndy Green