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masterSupport building from arbitrary hash, improve loggingBernard Ogden5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-25Support building from arbitrary hash, improve loggingHEADmasterBernard Ogden
2014-07-03Allow job def to include arbitrary CLIBernard Ogden
2014-06-23Let output go to the consoleBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Fix some quotingBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Fix flags parm in yamlBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Do not try to generate configureBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Support forcing kernel flagsBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Removed teeBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Pass parameters to script in the right wayBernard Ogden
2014-06-20Yet another path correctionBernard Ogden