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2016-11-22colo: disable transparent proxyAndy Doan
2016-11-17colo: update conserver to export switch connectionsAndy Doan
2016-11-17colo: add baud-rate option to serial console scriptAndy Doan
2016-11-17colo: add pdu information for new switchAndy Doan
2016-11-09publishing: improve last commitAndy Doan
2016-11-08publishing: support for XenialAndy Doan
2016-11-08django: update to latest LTS versionBen Copeland
2016-11-08llp: add s3_purge crontabBen Copeland
2016-11-04ansible-lint: Fix linting error ANSIBLE0017Ben Copeland
2016-10-31elk: fix crontab issueBen Copeland
2016-10-27SSH-LDAP: Disable cron emailsBen Copeland
2016-10-13elk: bug fixes and improvementsBen Copeland
2016-10-13ELK: GPG issuesBen Copeland
2016-10-12colo: add some more bmc operations to pdu_power scriptAndy Doan
2016-10-11colo: add new rack3 server entriesAndy Doan
2016-10-07ssh-ldap: fix odd bug in UbuntuAndy Doan
2016-09-27elk: add SSH supportBen Copeland
2016-09-27django: update our django to the latest releaseBen Copeland
2016-09-27elk: initial commit to get a ELK systems cluster workingBen Copeland
2016-09-22Add db-migrate tag to be able to use --skip-tags.Ben Copeland
2016-09-19apache-auth: clean-upBen Copeland
2016-09-07Publishing: Fix linting errorBen Copeland
2016-09-03devcloud: Updates to customize_install.pyAndy Doan
2016-09-03colo: create a new apc-power roleAndy Doan
2016-09-03devcloud: ansible logic to deploy uk-r1-routerAndy Doan
2016-09-03colo: Make pdu_power its own roleAndy Doan
2016-08-18Bugzilla: Ansible-lint errorsBen Copeland
2016-08-17colo: Make router-interfaces genericAndy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Simplify notion of "racks"Andy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Make hosts file genericAndy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Make dnsmasq logic generic for new routersAndy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Break out iptables to its own fileAndy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Split proxy tasks out of colo-router mainAndy Doan
2016-08-16colo: Fix lint warnings for colo-router handlersAndy Doan
2016-08-11colo: update customize_install.pyAndy Doan
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupAndy Doan
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: Hacks for Debian JessieAndy Doan
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: add a new way to configure ssh/ldap for systemsAndy Doan
2016-07-26patchwork: enable REST API on patches.opendataplane.orgAndy Doan
2016-07-26colo: update some network information and reservationsAndy Doan
2016-07-26colo: disable some of the public IPsAndy Doan
2016-07-08devcloud: update compute node deploymentAndy Doan
2016-07-06colo: update pdu configAndy Doan
2016-06-30apache: Change the MPM worker.Ben Copeland
2016-06-29back out part of bad commitAndy Doan
2016-06-28colo: add a nightly usage report for devcloudAndy Doan
2016-06-17colo: let qa team use r3-a1 with normal grubAndy Doan
2016-06-15colo updates: add r2-a18 to b&b and r1-a5 to UEFIAndy Doan
2016-06-09colo: add an "openstack" command for dev-cloud-adminsAndy Doan
2016-06-09colo: manage novarc'sAndy Doan