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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-10colo: remove old reservationAndy Doan
2017-01-03colo: update mongodb reservationAndy Doan
2016-12-16colo: update expired reservationAndy Doan
2016-12-14colo: create a reservation for an openstack test cloudAndy Doan
2016-12-14colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-11-18colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-11-10colo: allocate r3-a12 to 16.12 testing effortAndy Doan
2016-11-04colo: add a new reservationAndy Doan
2016-11-03colo: move r1-a30 to qa-net pxeAndy Doan
2016-10-26colo: update reservation for mongo and dockerAndy Doan
2016-10-24colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-10-24colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-10-20colo: update HPC reservationAndy Doan
2016-10-18colo: add a couple more servers to andy/tyler/ricardoAndy Doan
2016-10-12colo: new reservationAndy Doan
2016-10-04colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-09-22colo: update reservationAndy Doan
2016-09-20colo: add more access to r3-a3Andy Doan
2016-09-15colo: update some reservation informationAndy Doan
2016-09-12colo: add systems we use for containers/vmsAndy Doan
2016-09-08colo: add new reservationAndy Doan
2016-08-11colo: update customize_install.pyAndy Doan
2016-08-04colo: add new reservationAndy Doan
2016-08-03colo: move r2-a3[024] into devcloudAndy Doan
2016-07-28colo: new reservationAndy Doan
2016-07-27colo: add more systems for llvmAndy Doan
2016-07-27colo: update reservationAndy Doan
2016-07-26colo: update some network information and reservationsAndy Doan
2016-07-14colo: clean up reservationsAndy Doan
2016-06-28colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-06-22colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-06-17colo: let qa team use r3-a1 with normal grubAndy Doan
2016-06-17colo: add user to llvm reservationAndy Doan
2016-06-16colo: update old reservation / move r2-a18 to proper vlanAndy Doan
2016-06-15colo updates: add r2-a18 to b&b and r1-a5 to UEFIAndy Doan
2016-06-15colo: remove expired reservationsAndy Doan
2016-06-14colo: remove reservationAndy Doan
2016-05-31colo: add new server for itaruAndy Doan
2016-05-26colo: add mongodb reservationsAndy Doan
2016-05-19colo pxe: add a customize_install scriptAndy Doan
2016-05-13colo: remove last of leg bulk reservationsAndy Doan
2016-05-06fixup! colo: temp change for testAndy Doan
2016-05-05colo: temp change for testAndy Doan
2016-05-04colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-04-22colo: add reservation for davidAndy Doan
2016-04-18colo: remove reservationAndy Doan
2016-04-12colo: remove reservationAndy Doan
2016-04-05colo: update reservationsAndy Doan
2016-04-01colo: first softiron reservationAndy Doan
2016-03-29colo: add user to r3-a*Andy Doan