path: root/per-service/git-servers/host_vars
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-10android git: consolidate common group variablesAndy Doan
2016-04-19mirroring-gerrit: Add LLVM mirror.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-02-03Gerrit: Use top level PostgreSQLBen Copeland
2016-01-22gitweb: Clean up ansible roleAndy Doan
2015-11-06git: Add new android-git mirror, android-git-ieAndy Doan
2015-09-04gerrit: All servers upgraded to 2.10.6.Paul Sokolovsky Upgraded to gerrit 2.10.6, capture changes.Paul Sokolovsky Upgraded to gerrit 2.10.6, capture changes.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-08-04git-servers: Gerrit DB consistently named "reviewdb", move to group_vars/all.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-07-21android-review no longer updating grok manifestAndy Doan Rename to, stage 2.Paul Sokolovsky Rename to Sokolovsky
2015-07-19git-server: Update mirroring configs for android git hosts rename.Paul Sokolovsky Rename all configs to Sokolovsky
2015-07-19git-servers: Rename android git servers to new canonical names.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-07-02git-servers: Add sandbox configuration template.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-06-18git-servers: We consistently run gerrit, so set it in group_vars/all.Paul Sokolovsky Upgraded to gerrit Sokolovsky Upgraded to Gerrit (standard version).Paul Sokolovsky gerrit_root migrated to standard /srv/gerrit.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-27git-servers: Enable gerrit servers to be ansible-managed.Paul Sokolovsky Minimize diffs to production.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-21gerrit-setup: Capture actual DB users used on production servers.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-21git/grok: remove use of hosttype for grokmirror roleAndy Doan
2015-05-21gt-servers: Capture gerrit.conf's from production servers.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-08git-servers: gitweb: Show gerrit access URL (if defined).Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-08gerrit: Rename var gerrit_hostname -> gerrit_host for consistency with git_host.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-14git/cron: break out bundle creation logicAndy Doan
2015-04-09android git: add grokmirror slaveAndy Doan
2015-04-09android/grokmirror: android.git.l.o needs to become android-us.git.l.oAndy Doan
2015-04-07android/grok: fix some small bugs found while deployingAndy Doan
2015-03-12grokmirror: add support for git-ie.linaro.orgAndy Doan
2015-02-05git/grok: support git-ap mirrorAndy Doan
2015-02-04git-servers: More username cleanup.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-29git: enable grokmirror (master) for git-us.l.oAndy Doan
2015-01-22git-servers: Switch bundle creation condition from host type to feature.Paul Sokolovsky Use standard git_user ("git").Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-16git-servers/host_vars: Add host vars.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-14git-servers: Var name rename help_url -> gitolite_help_url.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-13git-servers: Factor out common gerrit_root setting.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-12git-servers: Factor out "repo_root" setting.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-01-11host_vars: Group "hosttype" and "server_role" settings together.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-17Move per-service playbooks under per-service/ dir.Paul Sokolovsky