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2017-01-13colo: move a few more servers to test pxeHEADmasterAndy Doan
Change-Id: Ic024066c23f34b5ed0fa20069080d2778a12543c
2017-01-06colo: update r3-a4 dnsAndy Doan
Change-Id: I48ff02ff309ae74e686e68f09fe747e9c976fc84
2017-01-05colo: adjust r3 servers for new configurationAndy Doan
Change-Id: I6bb6837fcb335db602049a0a076e9f2441ce5caa
2017-01-05colo: switch r1-a32/r1-a34 10G nicsAndy Doan
the one in r1-a32 turned out to be broken Change-Id: I05a05a779ff3ceb523d42025c88baa52de8db57b
2017-01-03colo: update mongodb reservationAndy Doan
Change-Id: I0389776495f58b45918d7d8d7aa04d957ff9a083
2016-12-08colo: move r3-m1-c30 to qa-netAndy Doan
Change-Id: Id35e5b4f470a79a84a45270911960f4fa89c643a
2016-12-06colo: move more servers over to test pxeAndy Doan
Change-Id: I8f4f2583c5d37a3b9b25213730687d876f7d9813
2016-12-05colo: update pxe server for r3-a3Andy Doan
Change-Id: I61d33faac717ebdfbef8fa31aee09968b9d7d768
2016-12-05colo: move r1-a15 to qa-pxeAndy Doan
Change-Id: I4644f11bd39331f44530f590c62bac6f9b46e0b1
2016-11-30colo: small dns updatesAndy Doan
Change-Id: I276b8f5735b9ca9a497ed059c719ab3db9bd7c2a
2016-11-29colo: update r1-a30's with 10G interfacesAndy Doan
The 1G will now just be used for pxe Change-Id: I0215025e18180276e6bf205e8619f535c12efc7c
2016-11-22colo: disable transparent proxyAndy Doan
This has caused some issues recently (or was at least assumed to be the cause). We'll disable this for now in hopes things improve. Change-Id: I3a020b0928dfeb818a72c384c03830ce67e5245f
2016-11-17colo: update conserver to export switch connectionsAndy Doan
Makes life a lot easier Change-Id: I25f3c6741e71a6a6599af18947fa4c655d16df1e
2016-11-15move hawkers to qa-net pxeAndy Doan
Change-Id: I1191a75977845af7870591b35151d21f321dbeb8
2016-11-10colo: allocate r3-a12 to 16.12 testing effortAndy Doan
Change-Id: Iaf5d640bd88229a09fff880476b4c93b14542af5
2016-11-10aus-colo: add publishing-us serverBen Copeland
Change-Id: Id32de07c1ee516c5c38c30b9271292a8a61a463f Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-11-08llp: add s3_purge crontabBen Copeland
Add crontab entry for the s3_purge script. Change-Id: I89fcfb9e45e6eb9132ac5620cfd6bfe4f30bf6a5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-11-04colo: move another server over to qa-netAndy Doan
Change-Id: Ie8b5506b04cdaef48cf12d019c0f5290eb5ece78
2016-11-03colo: move r1-a30 to qa-net pxeAndy Doan
also fix the pxe server address for qa-net Change-Id: I0b7b9e924e1feb245e7a0858b35c9b7ab75b6103
2016-10-26colo: update for hawker pxe configurationAndy Doan
Change-Id: I31d2ac61737b744239bd5e7868856a38c92e3e0d
2016-10-20colo: update HPC reservationAndy Doan
Change-Id: I5bfb385f39bf1b4b96795751c10e904d9f7e2507
2016-10-11colo: add new rack3 server entriesAndy Doan
Change-Id: I2e9a33dab859c39c28c4d65cb38f21dd7457843a
2016-09-27elk: add SSH supportBen Copeland
Allow SSH access to work on Change-Id: I52f9b84a918cf0f672fdb9d1f8f1575e1b390dab Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-09-27elk: initial commit to get a ELK systems cluster workingBen Copeland
The commit deploys Logstash, Kibana, Elasticsearch and Apache. All options for the cluster are configurable in the elk.yml playbook file. Change-Id: I4b6bb1db319f27ec016735853070b42956039213 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-09-15colo: update some reservation informationAndy Doan
Change-Id: I8ad2cf9e461bbfcf2e37bd78426dd6a6830f5da0
2016-09-03devcloud: ansible logic to deploy uk-r1-routerAndy Doan
2016-08-17colo: Make router-interfaces genericAndy Doan
This makes VLANs and public ips more configurable and eliminates a lot of cut/paste type errors. Change-Id: I6b709447260fd7d4864aff57c43bfc345b427be9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-08-17colo: Simplify notion of "racks"Andy Doan
We are hard-coding the number of racks. This makes them an array. It also makes some long-needed cleanup to aus-colo hosts. Change-Id: Ia8fb6deebf55b076213f33f202fb5754e967d01c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupAndy Doan
Makes things a lot easier to manage Change-Id: I0c27c697693c73a1371a42b5fcb7f1cc3f176c3c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ben Copeland <> Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: add a new way to configure ssh/ldap for systemsAndy Doan
This is a deviation from sssd that gives us a really fast way to manage LDAP groups/users. It uses the nss-updatedb program to pull down *all* user and group information from LDAP (takes a couple of seconds). This information is stored in the NSS "db" format, that can be configured via nsswitch.conf. So all LDAP operations except for checking passwords can be handled completely locally. Password checking (which is needed by sudo) can be enhanced by using the libpam-ccreds which will cache a user's password locally. I also added something like a "tiered hierarchy" concept. Only one system in the colo actually pulls down LDAP information. It keeps the resulting DB in a directory exposed by Apache. All the other servers in the colo simply grab the LDAP DB from this host. This reduces the load on the LDAP server and it also makes the updates for all the systems in the colo really quick. Change-Id: If028d2adc7a88a7d8ae2a0a30c870a0c403883af Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-08-03colo: move r2-a3[024] into devcloudAndy Doan
Change-Id: Ife2f5c2ebb9c4f277672060d94087e672ef73301
2016-07-27colo: move r1-a21 to UEFI and pxe bootAndy Doan
Change-Id: Ie40202b940f38a33d09d8673b578c2ac7e744578
2016-07-26colo: update some network information and reservationsAndy Doan
2016-07-06colo: update ip addressesAndy Doan
Change-Id: I48eda060df571f9c1a1c1d47245cc98bfd5929d9
2016-06-28colo: move r1-a5 into rack2 pxeAndy Doan
Change-Id: I689a56a61557637b14b194f6ae579ab1078b012e
2016-06-17colo: let qa team use r3-a1 with normal grubAndy Doan
Change-Id: I6f3f61a10c97be10e61c01c2ca48d5e9c9ca12a7
2016-06-16colo: move r1-a14 to UEFIAndy Doan
Change-Id: I1db7778fdf675b45c00275fd1d610d192f07c2aa
2016-06-16colo: update old reservation / move r2-a18 to proper vlanAndy Doan
Change-Id: I8ad7694adc3d8e08e9bec6be29e66442c46bb6b0
2016-06-15colo updates: add r2-a18 to b&b and r1-a5 to UEFIAndy Doan
Change-Id: I7b0f159def715dd430ca08e7380155f58f211370
2016-06-08releases-geo: set the correct geo hostnameBen Copeland
We should set the proper hostname when using releases in geo-location. This update allows for host_vars to be used to set a geo FQDN, if none set defaults to host_name. Change-Id: I23db5dbeb34841b706d2b52993b8f9f2b5411a3a Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-05-23colo: move Seattle servers to "developercloud"Andy Doan
Change-Id: I5e99bf9ed126713f3b49e68468e9e9ec7da13999
2016-05-04colo: convert all non-allocated maas systems to UEFI and PXEAndy Doan
We are converting everything to use UEFI and PXE installs Change-Id: Idfce2817c3b48ee6fd785040a28d160a74034808
2016-05-04colo: create new rack3 dhcp tag for testingAndy Doan
Change-Id: I470cebd111d13f6d538a9987105a5c345a0ea1e3
2016-05-04colo: allow dns aliasesAndy Doan
We have nodes in openstack that need an alias. This makes generic support for the feature. Change-Id: I8a72062dc5155169f0688ed9e3bf771c798e1a60
2016-04-12colo: update r3-a* server MACsAndy Doan
I've installed new Intel PCI express adapters and the MACs are now different. Change-Id: I7c7ff593ea06dde0c74a7b86c04d4eb95cc10f38
2016-04-12publishing-deps: s3_sanity add crontab entryBen Copeland
Add a crontab entry to run the s3_sanity script. Change-Id: Ifcb80fa11c4f3f52ed84153ca40057abf6fa577e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-03-31colo: add new softiron serversAndy Doan
2016-03-30django: remove "django_apt" supportAndy Doan
Now that qa-reports has been removed, we can remove variables related to that option and rename django_pypi.yml -> main.yml Change-Id: Ic6f64af0a5f6afed40089546a0f5def57ce27c0c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ben Copeland <> Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
2016-03-08releases: rename our US server to releases-usBen Copeland will become the geo-dns address, so the us server needs to be renamed to Change-Id: I9cc14d2de85cea533266e88c5e0ff30477a0f026 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>
2016-03-08allowed_hosts: allow llp code to use a hosts fileBen Copeland
In process of getting LLP to GEO, we need define allowed addresses in django, as the geo-dns address will be from multiple addresses. Change-Id: I1dd6ab7d3a19aeeecaaef173ab5e0e8fbc6d29f1 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andy Doan <>