path: root/group_vars
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-08llp: add s3_purge crontabBen Copeland
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupAndy Doan
2016-08-08ssh-ldap: add a new way to configure ssh/ldap for systemsAndy Doan
2016-07-06patchwork: update to latest version of patchworkAndy Doan
2016-06-30apache: Change the MPM worker.Ben Copeland
2016-06-01weblogs: add missing repoBen Copeland
2016-04-12publishing-deps: s3_sanity add crontab entryBen Copeland
2016-04-01patchwork: move to commonAndy Doan
2016-03-30django: remove "django_apt" supportAndy Doan
2016-03-04publishing: update crontabBen Copeland
2016-03-02publishing: update to django 1.8.10Andy Doan
2016-02-04django: define django_app_root in one placeAndy Doan
2016-01-20publishing: move out of per-serviceAndy Doan
2016-01-19weblogs: Ubuntu 14.04 upgradeBen Copeland
2015-12-15weblogs: run publishing download reportsAndy Doan
2014-10-17move "converged" to top-level directoryAndy Doan