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2016-11-14patchwork: ensure logins are done via httpsAndy Doan
2016-10-18elk: update apache configBen Copeland
2016-10-11publishing bug #2546Andy Doan
2016-09-27elk: initial commit to get a ELK systems cluster workingBen Copeland
2016-09-19apache-auth: clean-upBen Copeland
2016-09-16Patchwork: Fix typo in Apache logBen Copeland
2016-06-08releases: disable SSLv2/SSLv3 like our git servers.Ben Copeland
2016-06-08releases-geo: set the correct geo hostnameBen Copeland
2016-04-01patchwork: move to commonAndy Doan
2016-03-23geo services: don't log route53 checksAndy Doan
2016-02-18publishing: fix broken link for 96boardsAndy Doan
2016-01-21weblogs: Apache config improvementsBen Copeland
2016-01-20publishing: move out of per-serviceAndy Doan
2016-01-19weblogs: Ubuntu 14.04 upgradeBen Copeland
2015-08-13weblogs: allow symlinksAndy Doan apache: Use wildcard cert (captured from live site).Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-15weblogs: Move apache config out of generic "apache-site" role dir.Paul Sokolovsky