path: root/aus-colo-servers.yml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-22colo: fix colo-users tagAndy Doan
2016-09-03colo: Make pdu_power its own roleAndy Doan
2016-05-19colo pxe: add a customize_install scriptAndy Doan
2016-04-20colo: create a simple tool for the devcloudAndy Doan
2016-02-24aus-colo: update the aus-colo role to use becomeBen Copeland
2016-02-10colo: delete dead dhcp code remainsAndy Doan
2016-01-14colo: add support for rack 3Andy Doan
2015-10-08colo: update mac addrs after amd's got new b0 boardsAndy Doan
2015-10-07colo: Fix tag logic for pxe roleAndy Doan
2015-02-24colo: add logic to manage pxe config for rack2Andy Doan
2014-12-18aus-colo: fix bug from ansible upgradeAndy Doan
2014-12-03aus-colo: create better way to manage colo-usersAndy Doan
2014-11-10aus-colo: add basic set up for MAASAndy Doan
2014-10-17move "converged" to top-level directoryAndy Doan