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hostname.yml: Helper playbook to set real hostname on (almost) all servers.
This is a separate utility playbook intended for occasional (possibly, one-time) tweaking of hostnames on old servers which lack it being set consistently. Any newer servers will be set up properly by ITS. Change-Id: Id58bbb33d6ff425e65af6bcde8b07e50de160e72 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Paul Sokolovsky <>
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+# This is a utility playbook for occasional fixing of hostnames on old
+# servers. It is not intended to be run all the time, just on occasions.
+# For new servers, ITS will make needed setup (and this playbook will
+# become deprecated).
+- hosts: all
+ gather_facts: no
+ become: yes
+ tasks:
+ - name: Set hostname
+ hostname: name={{inventory_hostname}}