BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd NOTIFY_URL feature for pingbackRiku Voipio4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-19Add NOTIFY_URL feature for pingbackHEADmasterRiku Voipio
2014-11-20debian hacking session: move irc package into scriptAlex Bennée
2014-07-22Only output the ssh command to IRCNeil Williams
2014-07-18Merge "Add hacking session for Fedora"Remi Duraffort
2014-07-17Add hacking session for FedoraTimothy.Anzaku
2014-07-10invoke_session_debian: set REAL_USER depending on SUDO_USERAlex Bennée
2014-07-10hacking_session_debian: optional ping of user on IRCAlex Bennée
2014-07-10setup_session_debian: ensure .ssh permissions are correctAlex Bennée
2014-07-10hacking-session-debian: auto-detect gateway if $GATEWAY not setAlex Bennée
2014-06-23Do not write into the user know host fileRémi Duraffort