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masterInstall NTP before enabling itRenato Golin20 months
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2017-06-26Install NTP before enabling itHEADmasterRenato Golin
2017-06-15Getting CPU info for slurm, changing a few more filesRenato Golin
2017-06-15More testing, saving progress before Slurm configRenato Golin
2017-06-15Testing deployment of chrootRenato Golin
2017-06-15Silly typoRenato Golin
2017-06-14Testing on dev-cloud up to creating the base imageRenato Golin
2017-06-14Using naming schemeRenato Golin
2017-06-14Moving to CentOS specific dirRenato Golin
2017-06-14Adding some pre-logic to handle argumentsRenato Golin
2017-06-14Adding the original content to the scriptsRenato Golin