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2011-04-06Manifest for android-cts-2.2_r5android-cts-2.2_r5The Android Open Source Project
2010-11-16Manifest for android-cts-2.2_r4android-cts-2.2_r4The Android Open Source Project
2010-09-22Manifest for android-cts-2.2_r3android-cts-2.2_r3The Android Open Source Project
2010-08-10Manifest for android-cts-2.2_r2android-cts-2.2_r2The Android Open Source Project
2010-07-22Manifest for android-cts-2.2_r1android-cts-2.2_r1The Android Open Source Project
2010-06-23manifest for froyoThe Android Open Source Project
2010-05-03Add libcoreThe Android Open Source Project
2010-04-09Add NDK projectThe Android Open Source Project
2010-03-31Fix bad copy-pasteThe Android Open Source Project
2010-03-31Sort manifest alphabeticallyThe Android Open Source Project
2010-03-31Remove empty projectsThe Android Open Source Project
2010-03-09Remove unused projectJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-03-04Add device-specific projectsThe Android Open Source Project
2010-02-02remove stray .git suffixThe Android Open Source Project
2010-02-02add hardware/qcom/gpsThe Android Open Source Project
2010-01-12Merge from eclairThe Android Open Source Project
2010-01-12Remove spurious whitespaceThe Android Open Source Project
2010-01-11Merge from eclairThe Android Open Source Project
2010-01-11New eclair projectsThe Android Open Source Project
2009-11-25add hardware/htc/dream for libsensorsJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-11-15add aosp-specific projects, capture branch historyJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-11-15adjust manifest for eclair merge into masterJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-11-13eclair manifestJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-12Merge from donutJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-12Proper alpha-sortingJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-12Merge from donutJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-12Add kernel headersJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-09Add vendor/htc/sapphire-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-09Add sapphire-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-08Add voldJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-07Add the projects necessary for the new way of building AOSPJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-10-01Add vendor/htc/prebuilt-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-30Add vendor/pv-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-30Add qcom/android-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-30Add qcom/proprietary-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-30Add vendor/htc/common-openJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-29Add fsck_msdos that was missingJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-09-28Add projects for AOSPJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-08-20Merge from donutJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-08-20Remove spurious whitespaceJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-08-07Add tesseractJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-08-03Merge from donutJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-08-03new projectsJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-26new projects as introduced in donutJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-24Add OpenWnn and junitJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-23Add projects necessary to build on dreamJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-23Add projects necessary to build on dreamJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-14Add PinyinIME which somehow went missingJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-10Proper alpha-sortingJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-07-10Remove the kernel source from the user-space manifest - it's a prebuiltJean-Baptiste Queru