AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-17staging-panda: swtich to the 3.1 TI LT kernellinaro_android_2.3.5Zach Pfeffer
2011-11-16staging-origen.xml: Add ath6k firmware to Samsung Origen manifest.Botao Sun
2011-11-15all manifests: integrate libpng 1.5.7 beta 01Chao Yang
2011-11-15manifest: Fix incorrect repo specifications for vexpress-a9Jon Medhurst
2011-11-14The gator.git has moved to git:// Ryd
2011-11-11all manifests: create branch for dropbearMichael Edwards
2011-11-11manifest: Update vexpress-a9 reposJon Medhurst
2011-11-11alsa: pulling the tracking branchVishal Bhoj
2011-11-08staging-origen.xml: update to the new kernel of Samsung landing team.Botao Sun
2011-11-07manifest: Use linaro_android_2.3.5 branch of prebuiltBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-11-04Merge "manifest: Add initial vexpress-a9 manifest" into linaro_android_2.3.5Mathieu Poirier
2011-11-04manifest: Add initial vexpress-a9 manifestJon Medhurst
2011-11-04Use the Linaro version of v8Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-22iMX53: Switch to kernel 3.1Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-21wip-iMX53.xml: point to 3.1 branch on kernel/imx53Zach Pfeffer
2011-10-21wip-iMX53.xml: switch to the landing team kernelZach Pfeffer
2011-10-21wip-iMX53: add manifest based on staging-iMX53.xmlZach Pfeffer
2011-10-21iMX53: Go back to the 2.6.38 kernel for nowBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-21manifest: Get mmtest from its current repositoryBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-21manifest: Use linaro versions of tremolo and freetypeBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-19libunwind: add to all buildsAndy Doan
2011-10-19iMX53: Use new kernelBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-18audio: disable audio support for upstream buildVishal Bhoj
2011-10-13default.xml: switch to linaro-android-3.1-agreen-rebaseZach Pfeffer
2011-10-13all manifests: Update libnfc-nxp with new branch for all buildsChao Yang
2011-10-13Revert "libunwind: add to all builds"Paul Sokolovsky
2011-10-13camera:add libcamera to all the manifestsVishal Bhoj
2011-10-12staging-omap4460.xml: remove manifestZach Pfeffer
2011-10-12gator: Adding gator project to all manifestsVishal Bhoj
2011-10-12manifest: Add lrzszBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-10-12audio: adding ALSA related projects to all manifestsVishal Bhoj
2011-10-11Add gator to the panda staging build.Patrik Ryd
2011-10-10Add gator to the upstream build (default.xml)Patrik Ryd
2011-10-06staging-origen.xml: Update the kernel version to 3.0.4 from Angus git reposit...Botao Sun
2011-10-04tracking-panda.xml: add "tracking" Panda buildZach Pfeffer
2011-10-03libunwind: add to all buildsAndy Doan
2011-09-30landing-snowball.xml: rename staging- to landing-Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-09-28Add x264 and ffmpeg in all buildsBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-09-28iMX53: Use master u-boot instead of 2011.07.1 revisionBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-09-26staging-iMX53.xml: revert to 2.6.38 kernelZach Pfeffer
2011-09-25manifest: change LEB- to staging- in all manifestsZach Pfeffer
2011-09-23all manifests: powertop, ncurses and libnl moved to new locationTony Mansson
2011-09-20Merge "Switch busybox to linaro_android_2.3.5 branch." into linaro_android_2.3.5Mathieu Poirier
2011-09-20staging-omap4460.xml: add 4460 buildZach Pfeffer
2011-09-21Switch busybox to linaro_android_2.3.5 branch.Botao Sun
2011-09-21LEB-origen.xml: Switch busybox to linaro_android_2.3.5 branch.Botao Sun
2011-09-18LEB-panda.xml: reference git with history branchesZach Pfeffer
2011-09-16default.xml: move kernel from people/jstultz to kernelZach Pfeffer
2011-09-16all manifests: create branch for platform/packages/apps/SettingsZach Pfeffer
2011-09-16LEB-panda.xml points to linaro_android_2.3.5 branch for linaro_android_2.3.5Vishal Bhoj