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2011-10-06Manifest for android-2.2_r1android-2.2_r1_The Android Open Source Project
Change-Id: I1abaa5ae1c259577ed40c631b50197f57ea6ceba
2011-10-05Manifest for froyoThe Android Open Source Project
Change-Id: I5bc82b69830bf0c871b3a2d4b19e019ad5fc46ac
2011-09-29Base on top of which the GPL components of 3.2 can be builtThe Android Open Source Project
2011-09-29Add external/qemu-pc-biosThe Android Open Source Project
2011-09-28Merge from gingerbreadJean-Baptiste Queru
Change-Id: I2eb7136a1bf5aa57b1a2c28de71aa4dd7fce178d
2011-09-28Switch to a relative fetch URIJean-Baptiste Queru
Change-Id: Iaf9ba7f9da670f8cd2e6416d676f18357d2f0af0
2011-09-28Restore additional projects.Jean-Baptiste Queru
Those projects existed in the master branch on but aren't part of Gingerbread.
2011-09-23Merge from gingerbreadJean-Baptiste Queru
2011-09-23Set up merge point from gingerbreadJean-Baptiste Queru
2011-09-23Set sync default to -j4Shawn O. Pearce
2011-09-20Initial manifest for gingerbreadThe Android Open Source Project
2011-09-16First pass at master manifestThe Android Open Source Project
2011-09-16Start from an empty projectThe Android Open Source Project