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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-05TMP: add debug tracesNicolas Dechesne
2014-11-04app: aboot: Disable fastboot commands registering for user buildsSridhar Parasuram
2014-07-22make: Added -fno-strict-overflow to makefilevijay kumar
2014-07-02lib: debug: add common stack protection feature in lkMaria Yu
2014-03-04make: Create stripped elf binary for abootChannagoud Kadabi
2011-08-22openssl/lk: Enable signed boot img checkShashank Mittal
2011-07-28[make] make the spotless target not depend on anythingTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-01-25[msm8655]: Add feature flag to build Trustzone with LKSubbaraman Narayanamurthy
2010-11-09Disable stack protection code emissionChristopher Johnson
2010-08-08[target]: Add code to use splash image as a character arrayChandan Uddaraju
2010-07-28[app/aboot]: Add recovery and update support in froyo.M7630AABBQMLZA2015Subbaraman Narayanamurthy
2009-12-09lk: Add generic trigger support for eMMC bootDavid Ng
2009-12-04[target]: Add code to get LINUX_MACHTYPE by calling a function for all targetsChandan Uddaraju
2009-11-21[lk/makefile]: Add code to generate appsboot.mbn file for 7627_surf, 7630_sur...Chandan Uddaraju
2009-01-24[lk] allow "make projectname"Brian Swetland
2009-01-24get rid of project as a container of code, flatten it one levelTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-24[app] add the app module init systemTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-24move the stray .mk files from the root dir into a make/ subdirTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-13[IO] rework dprintf to take a debug level, defined in DEBUGLEVELTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-05flatten the make system a little bit by providing only modules as aTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-01initial commit of lk (little kernel) projectTravis Geiselbrecht