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2014-08-31Merge "lk/openssl: Enable x_sig compilation."Linux Build Service Account
2014-08-31Merge "lib: fdt: add integer overflow checks"Linux Build Service Account
2014-08-30Merge "lib: fdt: add integer overflow checks in fdt header"Linux Build Service Account
2014-08-28lk/openssl: Enable x_sig compilation.Shashank Mittal
2014-08-25lib: fdt: add integer overflow checks in fdt headervijay kumar
2014-08-22lib: heap: remove Linux Foundation copy rightvijay kumar
2014-08-21lib: fdt: add integer overflow checksvijay kumar
2014-08-04lib: heap: Added checks for integer overflowvijay kumar
2014-07-28lib: libfdt: Add a new API for appending string propertiesAparna Mallavarapu
2014-07-02lib: debug: add common stack protection feature in lkMaria Yu
2013-05-29lib: libfdt: Fix the bug in adding new nodes.Deepa Dinamani
2013-03-29lib: libfdt: Add the new subnode after the existing subnodes.Deepa Dinamani
2013-02-13Update copyright to The Linux FoundationDuy Truong
2012-12-24lib: libc: Add routines to find greatest common divisor andDeepa Dinamani
2012-10-04Merge "libc: Add support for itoa and string reverse functions."Linux Build Service Account
2012-10-03lib: heap: Fix heap lengthChannagoud Kadabi
2012-10-02libc: Add support for itoa and string reverse functions.Deepa Dinamani
2012-07-02libfdt: moved to /lib/libfdtAmol Jadi
2012-06-18mdm9x15:Re-organise the partitionsNeeti Desai
2012-02-02msm7627a: Add support for secure boot image checkA8064AAAAANLYA00009500Channagoud Kadabi
2011-10-11Merge "[memcpy.s]: Fix forward overlap case"Linux Build Service Account
2011-09-28ptable: Use strlcpy instead of strncpyAjay Dudani
2011-08-22openssl/lk: Enable signed boot img checkShashank Mittal
2011-08-12lk/openssl: Adding openssl to compile in lk buildKinson Chik
2011-08-08openssl/lk: Removing the files from opensslKinson Chik
2011-08-08openssl/lk: Adding openssl 1.0.0a to LKKinson Chik
2011-07-28[lib][text] simple library to draw static textTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][tga] routines to decode Targa filesTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib] simple library routines for drawing text and keeping a graphical consoleTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib] generic graphics routinesTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][fs] simple file system layerTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][bcache] add a simple block device cacheTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][partition] add simple block device partition scanner (MBR only)Travis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][bio] add simple block io layerTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[lib][cbuf] simple circular buffer implementationTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[heap] bring heap debugging stuff from external sourceTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[debug] change the dgetc signature to match external sourcesTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28Initial x86 portCorey Tabaka
2011-07-12Clean up warnings in lk codeGreg Grisco
2010-12-16[lk] Add timestamps to dprintf logs for easier performance analysisAjay Dudani
2010-06-30[memcpy.s]: Fix forward overlap caseShashank Mittal
2010-03-08LK: Add support to write on modem partitionShashank Mittal
2009-01-29[lib] ptable: add basic partition table management.Dima Zavin
2009-01-24move all of the references to app/console to lib/consoleTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-24move app/console to lib/consoleTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-12-30[libc] move most vsprintfs to vsnprintfsTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-12-30[libc] add n versions of sprintf and vprintftravis geiselbrecht
2008-09-13[IO] rework dprintf to take a debug level, defined in DEBUGLEVELTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-05[EABI] test for eabi compatibility a little bit better than beforeTravis Geiselbrecht