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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-02lib: debug: add common stack protection feature in lkMaria Yu
2013-03-18kernel: add boot timestampsAmol Jadi
2013-02-13Update copyright to The Linux FoundationDuy Truong
2011-07-28[main] add init routines for fs and bio layer, will move to better spot laterTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[kernel] add some documentationTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[kernel] sync with external source. support for dynamic timerTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[kernel] dynamic timer support from external sourcesTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-12-16[nandwrite]: Disable bootstrap2 and app thread creation for nandwriteChandan Uddaraju
2009-01-24remove project_init()Travis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-24[app] add the app module init systemTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-24move all of the references to app/console to lib/consoleTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-20[kernel] fix bug in event_signal with AUTOUNSIGNAL flagTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-12-30[kernel] properly initialize the default thread context very early to avoid c...travis geiselbrecht
2008-12-30[kernel] simple thread local storagetravis geiselbrecht
2008-10-10update a printf in the kernel init to match realityTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-18[kernel] fix the AUTOUNSIGNAL path on kernel events to wait until a thread wa...travis geiselbrecht
2008-09-13[IO] rework dprintf to take a debug level, defined in DEBUGLEVELTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-05synchronize with external depotTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-05flatten the make system a little bit by providing only modules as aTravis Geiselbrecht
2008-09-01initial commit of lk (little kernel) projectTravis Geiselbrecht