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2014-10-08target: msm8994: Add API for ddr config valueChannagoud Kadabi
2014-08-05app: aboot: Do normal boot when the power off reason is resetMatthew Qin
2014-07-21kernel: really inline canary randomize code to top level callerJoonwoo Park
2014-07-02lib: debug: add common stack protection feature in lkMaria Yu
2014-07-02platform: msm_shared: add secure random value for canaryMaria Yu
2014-05-22target: mdm9x35: Add pll override for some hw.Channagoud Kadabi
2014-05-15target: msm8974: Add support for 8994 interposerChannagoud Kadabi
2014-04-24platform/target: Implement weak functions for boot device apisSundarajan Srinivasan
2014-04-10Merge "platform: msm_shared: Correct the USB function prototype to avoid comp...Linux Build Service Account
2014-04-10platform: msm_shared: Correct the USB function prototype to avoid compiler wa...vijay kumar
2014-04-04platform: Add new api to get MSM_SHARED_BASESundarajan Srinivasan
2014-04-03target: msm8226: Add support for new QVGA platform subtypeSundarajan Srinivasan
2014-03-31app: aboot: update display API to pass panel nameAjay Singh Parmar
2014-03-25include: Add interface layer for target specific initializationChannagoud Kadabi
2014-02-28target: add support for specifying display panel during initAravind Venkateswaran
2014-02-28target: rename splash screen display configuration functionsAravind Venkateswaran
2014-01-21platform: msm_shared: Fix USB hang issueChannagoud Kadabi
2013-10-31target: apq8084: Restrict mmc_sleep api call to only EMMC.Sundarajan Srinivasan
2013-10-17target: target specific usb initializationAmol Jadi
2013-10-02lk: include: Add support for boot device detection.Sundarajan Srinivasan
2013-10-02target: include: Fix for UFS supportChannagoud Kadabi
2013-10-02Merge "include: Add suppport for swapping endianess of a 64 bit unsigned value."Linux Build Service Account
2013-10-02Merge "include: dev: Modify the flash_write api to use a flag for spare bytes."Linux Build Service Account
2013-10-02include: Add suppport for swapping endianess of a 64 bit unsigned value.Deepa Dinamani
2013-09-11Merge "fbcon: Read the splash image from splash partition"Linux Build Service Account
2013-09-10fbcon: Read the splash image from splash partitionAparna Mallavarapu
2013-09-04include: dev: Modify the flash_write api to use a flag for spare bytes.Deepa Dinamani
2013-08-29target: Support display panel detection APIDhaval Patel
2013-08-12arch: arm: Add support to clean and invalidate cache at unaligned addresses.Deepa Dinamani
2013-08-03Merge "target: init: Add runtime check is SSD feature enabled"Linux Build Service Account
2013-08-03Merge "target: init: Add weak function for SSD keystore loading"Linux Build Service Account
2013-08-01udc: add usb 3.0 descriptor typesAmol Jadi
2013-07-29target: init: Add runtime check is SSD feature enabledStanimir Varbanov
2013-07-29target: init: Add weak function for SSD keystore loadingStanimir Varbanov
2013-07-10msm_shared: mipi: Update header to support GCDB changesArpita Banerjee
2013-06-18platform: msm_shared: Add support for boot timestampssundarajan srinivasan
2013-06-12dload_util: Add normal dload mode entrancePavel Nedev
2013-05-13target.h: Remove redundant function declarationsPavel Nedev
2013-05-11Merge "init: Add generic set_download_mode() function"Linux Build Service Account
2013-05-10init: Add generic set_download_mode() functionPavel Nedev
2013-05-09target: common: Add prototype for mmc dev functionChannagoud Kadabi
2013-04-22include: stdlib: add macro for cache align bufferChannagoud Kadabi
2013-03-19Merge "boot_stats: add support for bootup timestamps"Linux Build Service Account
2013-03-18boot_stats: add support for bootup timestampsAmol Jadi
2013-03-18include: reg: Add half word read/write macrosChannagoud Kadabi
2013-02-13Update copyright to The Linux FoundationDuy Truong
2012-12-24lib: libc: Add routines to find greatest common divisor andDeepa Dinamani
2012-10-30Add support to fastboot using virtual addresses.Deepa Dinamani
2012-10-29Bug: Remove inline attribute for platform_use_identity_mmu_mappings()Deepa Dinamani
2012-10-26arch: arm: Add support to conditionally include identity mmu mappings.Deepa Dinamani