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2014-11-07arch: arm: Fix the cache routinesChannagoud Kadabi
2014-07-01arch: arm: Enable cp15 barrierChannagoud Kadabi
2014-05-13arch: arm: Fix cache enable codeChannagoud Kadabi
2014-04-17arch: arm: Fix armv7 init codeChannagoud Kadabi
2014-04-08arch: arm: Add dmb macroChannagoud Kadabi
2014-03-10arch: arm: Use dsb instruction for data barrierChannagoud Kadabi
2013-10-02arch: arm: Disable mmu alignment fault checking.Deepa Dinamani
2013-08-12arch: arm: Add support to clean and invalidate cache at unaligned addresses.Deepa Dinamani
2013-08-05arch: arm: Fix MMU disable functionChannagoud Kadabi
2013-04-23arch: arm: Add macro for cache alignmentChannagoud Kadabi
2013-01-28arch: arm: Fix bug in cache flush codeV S Ramanjaneya Kumar T
2013-01-17arch: arm: Revert Krait cache line size setting back to 64David Ng
2012-12-23arch: arm: Add support for different cache lines.Deepa Dinamani
2012-12-11arm: Add cache invalidate by virtual addressHanumant Singh
2012-10-26arch: arm: Add support to conditionally include identity mmu mappings.Deepa Dinamani
2012-10-05Merge "aboot: Add dtree support for flash targets."Linux Build Service Account
2012-10-05aboot: Add dtree support for flash targets.Deepa Dinamani
2012-10-03lib: heap: Fix heap lengthChannagoud Kadabi
2012-08-28msm8974: Configure the MMU for msm8974Neeti Desai
2012-06-13msm_shared: Add support for memory mapped interface for Qtimers.M8064AAAAANLYA1040Deepa Dinamani
2012-05-21msm_shared: Cleanup Qtimers.M9615AAAARNLZA10033400Deepa Dinamani
2012-01-20msm8960: disallow prefetch from TZ memoryAmol Jadi
2012-01-09[arch] use non-destructive setting of fpexc registerTrevor Bourget
2011-07-28[arm] add arch_sync_cache_rangeTravis Geiselbrecht
2011-07-28[arm] fix problem with gcc 4.4 to ensure the boot code is in the binaryAjay Dudani
2011-07-28[arch] factor out the debug_cycle_count to arch specific codeAjay Dudani
2011-07-28Minor cleanup and a hack to idle the cpu in getc loops.Corey Tabaka
2011-07-28Added check for compiler support of -fno-stack-protector and changed toolchai...Corey Tabaka
2011-07-28Initial x86 portCorey Tabaka
2011-07-25arch/arm: Add dsb() function for ARMv6 and ARMv7 devices.Shashank Mittal
2011-07-15arch/arm/mmu: Update MMU implementation for ARMv7 architecture.Amol Jadi
2011-02-14[msm7x27a]: Initial commit to support 7x27a target.Shashank Mittal
2011-01-25[msm8960]: Initial support for MSM8960.Amol Jadi
2011-01-25[msm8655]: Add feature flag to build Trustzone with LKSubbaraman Narayanamurthy
2010-09-30[msm8x60]: Enable fastboot reboot for 8660.Subbaraman Narayanamurthy
2010-07-08[msm] Do not use stack before cpu_early_init for Scorpion targetsAjay Dudani
2010-07-08[lk] Do not force cortex targets to be compiled as arm11Ajay Dudani
2010-07-02Revert "msm: Update arm cortex cache enable/disable"Ajay Dudani
2010-07-02msm: Update arm cortex cache enable/disableM7630AABBQMLZA2010Ajay Dudani
2010-04-21[7x30] Update write to PVR2F0 when initializing cache settingsAjay Dudani
2009-12-15[arch/arm]: Add code to disable warm boot for nandwriteChandan Uddaraju
2009-12-04[qsd8k] Add code to support Scorpion warm boot in lk bootloaderHarry Yang
2009-11-18[arm][aboot]: Add code to change the default tool chain and the usb device pr...Chandan Uddaraju
2009-01-24[app] add the app module init systemTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-20[arm] only restore the relevant parts of cpsr in arm debug codeTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-16[arm] properly restore spsr on exception exitTravis Geiselbrecht
2009-01-01[arm] force 4 byte alignment of data segments in the linkscriptBrian Swetland
2009-01-01arm: arch_idle: don't use swfi on msm7kBrian Swetland
2009-01-01arm: mmu: deal with peripheral mapping on msm7kBrian Swetland
2009-01-01arm: provide __cpu_early_init hookBrian Swetland