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2014-08-19Revert "AndroidBoot: Revert back to gcc 4.7 for lk"Sridhar Parasuram
2014-07-23AndroidBoot: Revert back to gcc 4.7 for lkSridhar Parasuram
2014-06-11Enabling new tool chainShruthi Krishna
2014-05-28make: AndroidBoot: Set cross toolchain path for lkChannagoud Kadabi
2014-03-04make: AndroidBoot: Add make rules for generating elf binaryChannagoud Kadabi
2013-11-26Remove AOSP reference to utils.mkAUDITYA BHATTARAM
2013-02-11msm8974: Change the product name from copper to msm8974Channagoud Kadabi
2012-08-02build: standardize usage of TARGET_PRODUCT for qcom chipsets.Sravan Kumar Dommaraju
2012-07-18build: Allow target override from TARGET_PRODUCTDavid Ng
2012-06-21AndroidBoot: Use Android default toolchain to compile LK.Shashank Mittal Trigger Recompile when source file changeChannagoud Kadabi Allow NAND and eMMC variants to be built independentlyAjay Dudani fix dependencies to avoid parallel make errorAnshul Gupta
2011-11-14lk: android: Select compiler when building as part of Android treeAjay Dudani
2011-08-22openssl/lk: Enable signed boot img checkShashank Mittal
2011-07-22Build:use is-android-codename instead of is-flavorSatya Durga Srinivasu Prabhala
2011-07-19build: standardize BUILD_ID featurizationSatya Durga Srinivasu Prabhala
2011-03-09aboot: Update to choose between 4.4.0 or 4.4.3 toolchain based on environmentAjay Dudani
2010-12-20lk: Force GCC 4.4.0 for Android LK build and update eMMC check flagsM8660AAABQNLYA1066M7630AABBQMLZA4015David Ng
2010-05-25[msm] Update emmc_appsboot.mbn to EMMCBOOT.MBNAjay Dudani
2009-12-23Modified the paths to the bootloader to allow for debug build typesDominic Binks
2009-12-10lk: Fix nandwrite utility generationDavid Ng
2009-12-09lk: Add generic trigger support for eMMC bootDavid Ng
2009-12-09[msm] clean out bootloader out before recompilingAjay Dudani
2009-12-08lk: Fix issue with make not recompiling changesDavid Ng
2009-12-07[msm] Add nandwrite to support flashing apps images over JTAGAjay Dudani
2009-11-22bootloader: Clone msm7627_ffa and qsd8250_ffa target from surfAjay Dudani
2009-11-21[lk/makefile]: Add code to generate appsboot.mbn file for 7627_surf, 7630_sur...Chandan Uddaraju