BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
issue-116/next-v1linux-yocto-efi-test: Remove x86/x86-64 defconfigNaresh Bhat23 months
issue-116/next-v2linux-yocto-efi-test: Remove x86/x86-64 defconfigNaresh Bhat22 months
luv-2.2-rc2AArch64: Build grub-efi v2.02 for AArch64Naresh Bhat17 months
masterfwts: Update fwts v17.12.00Naresh Bhat15 months
nextfwts: Update fwts v18.02.00Naresh Bhat14 months
v0_for_sumoUpdate distro v2.3 to v2.4 devNaresh Bhat10 months
v1_for_sumoUpdate LIC_FILES_CHKSUMNaresh Bhat10 months
v5-upstream-ISObootimg: Remove ISO image skip condition for AArch64Naresh Bhat4 years
v5-upstream-ISO-RFCleg-kernel: luv-live-image: Remove earlycon optionNaresh Bhat4 years
v6-upstream-native-buildACPICA: Update version to 20150515Naresh Bhat4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-01-25fwts: Update fwts v17.12.00HEADmasterNaresh Bhat
2018-01-25bits: skip network configuration when unavailableGayatri Kammela
2018-01-25telemetrics: Run pstore-clean *only* when luv.telemetrics is enabled and in k...Sai Praneeth
2018-01-25luv-test: Add missing return in submit_resultsMegha Dey
2018-01-25luv-test: Do not print unnecessary messages to consoleMegha Dey
2018-01-25luv-test-manager: Do not redirect results to kmsgMegha Dey
2018-01-24luv-test: Rename plymouth function namesMegha Dey
2018-01-24luv-test: Send messages to console and debug fileMegha Dey
2018-01-24luv-test: update standard output for luv scriptsMegha Dey
2018-01-24luv-test: Move plymouth functions to new scriptMegha Dey