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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-24stubdom: fix -Wextra usage in vtpm_emulatorOlaf Hering
2014-05-02vtpmmgr: properly remove t_uint size dependencyDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-25vtpmmgr: fix 32-bit compilationDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: use XSM label as vTPM kernel hashDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23stubdom/grub: verify vTPM label if requestedDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpm: add deep quote supportDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpm: add ordinal for obtaining an EK signatureDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpm: passthru requests to managerDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: Convert TPM_Seal to use TPM_PCR_INFO_LONGJason Andryuk
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: Store hardware TPM LocalityJason Andryuk
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: add TPM group supportDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-01pv-grub: correct sizeof usageMatthew Daley
2014-03-21PV-GRUB: fix blk access at end of diskSamuel Thibault
2014-03-12tools: rerun autogen.sh after version changeIan Campbell
2014-03-12stubdom: remove ia64 from stubdomOlaf Hering
2013-09-09configure: Regenerate with autoconf 2.69Ian Campbell
2013-08-21tools: Make qemu-xen-traditional build optional.Ian Campbell
2013-08-08autoconf: regenerate configure scripts with 4.4 versionIan Campbell
2013-08-02stubdom: Fix stubdom undeclared function build warningsSamuel Thibault
2013-05-30stubdom: Make stubdom buildsystem consistent with tools buildsystemChristoph Egger
2013-05-08Remove traces of IA-64 architecture supportDaniel Kiper
2013-05-08Silently ignore rm and include errors during make distcleanDaniel Kiper
2013-05-08stubdom/vtpm: Silently ignore rm errors during make cleanDaniel Kiper
2013-05-08stubdom: Do not create dangling linksDaniel Kiper
2013-05-08stubdom: Remove xenstore directory during make crosscleanDaniel Kiper
2013-05-08stubdom: Clean extras/mini-os directory during make cleanDaniel Kiper
2013-04-22libxc: Add unsafe decompressorsBastian Blank
2013-04-17configure: test(1) uses = not == for string comparisonPatrick Welche
2013-04-12stubdom/grub: send kernel measurements to vTPMDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12stubdom/vtpm: constrain locality by XSM labelDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12stubdom/vtpm: support multiple backendsDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12stubdom/vtpm: make state save operation atomicDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12stubdom/vtpm: Support locality fieldDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12stubdom/vtpm: correct the buffer size returned by TPM_CAP_PROP_INPUT_BUFFERDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12mini-os/tpmback: Replace UUID field with opaque pointerDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12mini-os/tpmback: set up callbacks before enumerationDaniel De Graaf
2013-04-12tools+stubdom: install under /usr/local by default.Ian Campbell
2013-04-11stubdom/Makefile: Fix gmp extract ruleDaniel De Graaf
2013-02-22build: Fix distclean when repo location changesAndrei Lifchits
2013-01-28tools: revert to installing in /usrIan Campbell
2013-01-25stubdom: Install xenstore stubdom in $(XENFIRMWAREDIR)Ian Campbell
2013-01-25build: cleanup configure detritus at toplevel and stubdomIan Campbell
2013-01-24vtpm/vtpmmgr: Use libpolarssl.a instead of hardcoding own list of .o filesIan Campbell
2013-01-24tools+stubdom: install under /usr/local by default.Ian Campbell
2013-01-21vtpmmgr: fix build on 32-bitIan Campbell
2013-01-18stubdom: rerun autogen.shIan Campbell
2013-01-18stubdom: Add autoconfMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18Add vtpm documentationMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18vtpm/vtpmmgr and required libs to stubdom/MakefileMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18add stubdom/vtpmmgr codeMatthew Fioravante