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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-28x86/NMI: allow processing unknown NMIs when watchdog is enabledRoss Lagerwall
2014-08-28x86/ats: Disable Address Translation Services by defaultAndrew Cooper
2014-08-26xl.cfg: add 'cmdline' in config fileChunyan Liu
2014-08-26xen: pass kernel initrd to qemuChunyan Liu
2014-08-26xl: Accept a list for serial in config fileWhite, Edmund H
2014-08-06x86/HVM: command line option adjustmentsJan Beulich
2014-08-06x86/APIC: command line option adjustmentsJan Beulich
2014-08-06x86/ACPI: command line option adjustmentsJan Beulich
2014-08-01x86/ACPI: allow CMOS RTC use even when ACPI says there is noneJan Beulich
2014-08-01docs: make .txt files over-writable when building from r/o sourcesJan Beulich
2014-07-30libxl: automatic NUMA placement affects soft affinityDario Faggioli
2014-07-30libxl/xl: make it possible to specify soft-affinity in domain config fileDario Faggioli
2014-07-30xl: move away from the use of cpumap for hard affinityDario Faggioli
2014-07-30xl: enable getting and setting soft affinityDario Faggioli
2014-07-25x86/gdbsx: security audit of {,un}pausevcpu and domstatus hypercallsAndrew Cooper
2014-07-24xen: arm: document boot module compatibility based on orderingIan Campbell
2014-07-24document IOMMU related command line optionsJan Beulich
2014-07-21xen: arm: update multiboot device tree bindings.Ian Campbell
2014-07-21xen: arm: /chosen/module@N/bootargs bootprotcol node is not deprecatedIan Campbell
2014-07-03remus: add wikipage link to remus READMEYang Hongyang
2014-07-03remus: move remus README to docs directoryYang Hongyang
2014-06-27docs: update docs for the ~/platform/generation-id keyDavid Vrabel
2014-06-27xl: generate a new random VM generation ID if requestedDavid Vrabel
2014-06-16sched: introduce soft-affinity and use it instead d->node-affinityDario Faggioli
2014-06-16spread boot time page scrubbing across all available CPU'sMalcolm Crossley
2014-06-10xl: remove parsing of "vncviewer" option in xl domain config fileWei Liu
2014-06-10cpufreq: extend documentation for cpufreq parameterAravind Gopalakrishnan
2014-06-05docs: Support building pdfs from markdown using pandocAndrew Cooper
2014-06-03support 'tera' suffixes for size parametersAndrew Cooper
2014-06-02dom0: add opt_dom0pvh to setup.cMukesh Rathor
2014-05-21docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5: add a missing new line and remove some redundant onesZhigang Wang
2014-05-19libxl: add option for discard support to xl disk configurationOlaf Hering
2014-05-12x86: enable Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP) for XenFeng Wu
2014-05-08domctl: tighten XEN_DOMCTL_*_permissionJan Beulich
2014-05-02libxl: introduce an option for disabling the non-O_DIRECT workaroundStefano Stabellini
2014-05-02domctl: perform initial post-XSA-77 auditingJan Beulich
2014-05-02libxc: allow changing max number of hypervisor cpuid leavesBoris Ostrovsky
2014-04-25passthrough: allow to suppress SERR and PERR signaling altogetherJan Beulich
2014-04-24docs: Mention the semicolon as a valid statement endGeorge Dunlap
2014-04-24docs: Give advice on dealing with quoting special charactersGeorge Dunlap
2014-04-24x86/vmx: Add force-ept command line optionAravindh Puthiyaparambil
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: use XSM label as vTPM kernel hashDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-23vtpmmgr: add TPM group supportDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-22allow hardware domain != dom0Daniel De Graaf
2014-04-11libxl: allow dom0 to be destroyedDaniel De Graaf
2014-04-10x86/AMD: support further feature masking MSRsJan Beulich
2014-04-10docs: remove xend latex sourceIan Campbell
2014-04-10docs: remove stray CONFIG_XENDs and configure option from docs.Ian Campbell
2014-04-03tools: remove xend and associated python modulesIan Campbell
2014-04-01docs/Makefile: Split the install targetAndrew Cooper