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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-04systemd: add xen systemd service and module filesLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-07-28autoconf: xen: move standard path variables to config/Paths.mk.inLuis R. Rodriguez
2014-07-10docs: Tweak .gitignoreAndrew Cooper
2014-07-10tools/python: Improve .gitignore and clean Makefile ruleAndrew Cooper
2014-04-22gitignore: ignore OVMF directoriesWei Liu
2014-04-03tools: drop libxenIan Campbell
2014-04-03tools: remove xend and associated python modulesIan Campbell
2014-03-10tools/ocaml: Ingore more OCaml test binariesAndrew Cooper
2014-02-06libxl: events: timedereg internal unit testIan Jackson
2013-12-18x86/efi: update .gitignore/.hgignoreTim Deegan
2013-12-11libxl: ocaml: implement some simple testsRob Hoes
2013-12-11libxl: ocaml: add simple test case for xentoollogRob Hoes
2013-12-02xen/build: Remove unreferenced figlet filesAndrew Cooper
2013-12-02xen/build: Use a distro version of figletAndrew Cooper
2013-11-21.gitignore: Ignore tools/ocaml/libs/xentoollog/ build outputsIan Jackson
2013-09-13.gitignore: add tools/misc/xen-hptoolDario Faggioli
2013-09-13tools/tests: tweak .gitignoreAndrew Cooper
2013-08-20.*ignore: remove some cruftIan Campbell
2013-08-20tools: remove lomountIan Campbell
2013-08-20tools: remove minitermIan Campbell
2013-08-20tools: remove in tree libaioIan Campbell
2013-05-10.gitignore: Add vim swap filesJulien Grall
2013-03-27.gitignore: Add some flask filesIan Jackson
2013-02-22xen: arm64: add to foreign struct checksIan Campbell
2013-02-22tools: s/arm/arm32/ in foreign header checks.Ian Campbell
2013-02-21gcov: Add small utility to deal with test coverage information from XenFrediano Ziglio
2013-02-21gcov: Adding support for coverage informationFrediano Ziglio
2013-02-20.gitignore: Do not ignore dsdl.asl fileFrediano Ziglio
2013-01-25build: cleanup configure detritus at toplevel and stubdomIan Campbell
2013-01-25docs: check for documentation generation tools in docs/configure.Ian Campbell
2013-01-18Add a top level configure scriptMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18stubdom: Add autoconfMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18vtpm/vtpmmgr and required libs to stubdom/MakefileMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-18add vtpm-stubdom codeMatthew Fioravante
2013-01-10flask: move policy headers into hypervisorDaniel De Graaf
2012-12-06gitignore: ignore xen-foreign/arm.hIan Campbell
2012-11-30Add gtags and tags rune in gitignore.Wei Liu
2012-09-25docs: network diagrams for the wikiIan Jackson
2012-09-17.*ignore: drop ia64 entriesIan Campbell
2012-09-03libxl: fix api check MakefileIan Jackson
2012-08-01libxl: enforce prohibitions of internal callersIan Jackson
2012-08-01tools/ocaml: ignore and clean .spot and .spit filesAndrew Cooper
2012-06-28libxl: domain save/restore: run in a separate processIan Jackson
2012-06-28hgignore/gitignore: add xen/arch/x86/boot/reloc.bin, .lnkIan Jackson
2012-04-24xl: add "check-xl-vif-parse" test scriptMathieu Gagne
2012-04-11.gitignore: Add a missing fileIan Jackson
2012-03-14MergeIan Jackson
2012-03-14gitignore: Add cscope filesIan Campbell
2012-03-14arm: add generated files to .gitignore and .hgignoreDavid Vrabel
2012-03-08Low mem virq incremental adjustmentsAndres Lagar-Cavilla