AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-03xen/arm64: devices refer to DT are tobe disabledHEADmasterNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03xen/arm64: Skip the DT creation for DOM0Naresh Bhat
2014-09-03pl011: Initialize serial from ACPI SPCR tableNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ARM64 / ACPI: Parse GTDT to initialize timerNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ARM64 / ACPI: Define ACPI_IRQ_MODEL_GIC needed for armNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI / ACPICA: Add GTDT support updated by ACPI 5.1Naresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI / GICv2: Add GIC specific ACPI boot supportNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI: Introduce acpi_parse_entriesNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ARM64: Initialization of cpu_logical_map(0)Naresh Bhat
2014-09-03ARM64 / ACPI: Parse MADT to map logical cpu to MPIDR and get cpu_possible/pre...Naresh Bhat
2014-09-03asm / arm: Introduce cputype.hNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03Add cpumask_next_zero set_cpu_present and possibleNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI / table: Print GIC information when MADT is parsedNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI / ACPICA: Add new features for MADT which introduced by ACPI 5.1Naresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI: Add Generic Interrupt and Distributor structNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ARM64 / ACPI: Parse FADT table to get PSCI flagsNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI / ACPICA: Introduce ARM Boot Architecture Flags in FADTNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03xen: arm64: ACPI: Add basic ACPI initializationNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03ACPI: Initialize efi and efi_enabledNaresh Bhat
2014-09-03xen: arm64: ACPI: Support common ACPI driversNaresh Bhat
2014-09-02xen: acpi: Build numa and pmstate x86 onlyNaresh Bhat
2014-09-02xen: arm64: Add ACPI supportNaresh Bhat
2014-09-02Add EFI stub for arm64xen-arm64-uefiRoy Franz
2014-09-02Add fdt_create_empty_tree() function.Roy Franz
2014-09-02add arm64 cache flushing code from linuxRoy Franz
2014-09-02Move shared EFI functions to efi-shared.cRoy Franz
2014-09-02Refactor get_argv() for sharingRoy Franz
2014-09-02create handle_cmdline() functionRoy Franz
2014-09-02add read_config_file() function for XEN EFI config fileRoy Franz
2014-09-02replace split_value() with truncate_string()Roy Franz
2014-09-02Refactor read_file() so it can be shared.Roy Franz
2014-09-02Refactor get_parent_handle for sharingRoy Franz
2014-09-02rename printErrMsg to PrintErrMesgExitRoy Franz
2014-09-02Create efi-shared.[ch], and move string functionsRoy Franz
2014-08-29EPT: utilize GLA->GPA translation known for certain faultsJan Beulich
2014-08-28tools: (lib)xl: remove stray uses of build_info->u.pv.{kernel, ramdisk, cmdline}Ian Campbell
2014-08-28x86/NMI: allow processing unknown NMIs when watchdog is enabledRoss Lagerwall
2014-08-28update pvSCSI protocol descriptionJuergen Gross
2014-08-28x86/ats: Disable Address Translation Services by defaultAndrew Cooper
2014-08-28x86/mem_event: deliver gla fault EPT violation informationTamas K Lengyel
2014-08-28x86/hvm: treat non-instruction fetch nested page faults also as read violationsTamas K Lengyel
2014-08-28x86: consolidate boolean inputs in hvm and p2m into a shared bitmapTamas K Lengyel
2014-08-27tools/libxl: Initialise both parts of ctx->sigchld_selfpipe[] to -1Andrew Cooper
2014-08-26tools/libxc: Set max_elem to zero in xc_lockprof_query_number()Boris Ostrovsky
2014-08-26xen arm/arm64: minor improvement in smp_send_call_function_mask()Anup Patel
2014-08-26xl.cfg: add 'cmdline' in config fileChunyan Liu
2014-08-26xen: pass kernel initrd to qemuChunyan Liu
2014-08-26xl: Accept a list for serial in config fileWhite, Edmund H
2014-08-26libxl: Allow multiple serial ports on HVM domain creationWhite, Edmund H
2014-08-26x86/IO-APIC: don't process softirqs during early bootJan Beulich