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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-29BIGTOP-1757. bigtop_toolchain has to differentiate between centos6 and centos7Evans Ye
2015-03-13BIGTOP-1711: add packages to compile hueOlaf Flebbe
2014-12-07BIGTOP-1541. Support Debian jessie in BigtopOlaf Flebbe
2014-11-26BIGTOP-1204. Add toolchain for AmazonLinuxIvan Orlov
2014-09-07BIGTOP-1442. need to add proper clean up for the toolchain puppet codeRoman Shaposhnik
2014-09-07BIGTOP-1441. bigtop_toolchain fails on UbuntuRoman Shaposhnik
2014-09-07BIGTOP-1440. a few usability updates to bigtop_toolchainRoman Shaposhnik
2014-09-07BIGTOP-1438. asciidoc is no longer needed by SqoopRoman Shaposhnik
2014-07-08BIGTOP-1359. fix a few issues with our puppet_toolchain codeRoman Shaposhnik
2014-05-04BIGTOP-1294. asciidoc is missed from centos and sles environments of bigtop_t...Konstantin Boudnik
2013-09-12BIGTOP-1063. Add Scala 2.9.3 to bigtop-toolchainIan Mordey