path: root/bigtop_toolchain/manifests/jdk.pp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-22BIGTOP-1841. toolchain can not set java correctly in fedoraEvans Ye
2015-03-23BIGTOP-1768: Use openjdk in ubuntu14, Remove references to jdk6Olaf Flebbe
2015-02-21BIGTOP-1678. Use openjdk7 for AmazonLinuxIvan Orlov
2015-01-19BIGTOP-1609. Use openjdk7 for CentOSOlaf Flebbe
2014-12-07BIGTOP-1541. Support Debian jessie in BigtopOlaf Flebbe
2014-09-07BIGTOP-1439. split jdk7 and jdk6 in Bigtop toolchainRoman Shaposhnik
2014-07-08BIGTOP-1359. fix a few issues with our puppet_toolchain codeRoman Shaposhnik
2014-06-25BIGTOP-1218: Add JDK7 to Bigtop toolchainMark Grover
2013-09-12BIGTOP-1063. Add Scala 2.9.3 to bigtop-toolchainIan Mordey