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2016-01-15BIGTOP-2249. Add YARN smoke testsKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-15BIGTOP-2245. TestFuseHCFS might fall on '+' op. involving String and GString;...Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-15BIGTOP-2247. Expand HDFS smoke test suiteKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-14BIGTOP-2233. Fix BIGTOP-2009Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-14BIGTOP-2234. TestBlockRecovery incorrectly fails on a single node clusterKonstantin Boudnik
2015-09-06BIGTOP-1981: Added tests for -test, -text and -count functionalitysrinivas-altiscale
2015-09-06BIGTOP-2009: added new tests for chgrp, cp, ls, mv, du, put, get, mkdir, stat...srinivas-altiscale
2015-08-24BIGTOP-1972. Added new tests to TestHDFSBalancer.groovy file.srinivas-altiscale
2015-08-03BIGTOP-1947. Fix RAT plugin configuration to be able to RAT-validate all publ...Konstantin Boudnik
2015-05-30Bumping up the version to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOTKonstantin Boudnik
2015-04-28BIGTOP-1615. Tests dependencies are on old Hadoop versions (2.3.0, 2.4.1)Konstantin Boudnik
2015-03-23BIGTOP-1761. Delete testConf.xml from hadoop-smoke resourcesDasha
2015-03-18BIGTOP-1765. Bump the stack version to 1.0Konstantin Boudnik
2015-02-26BIGTOP-1706. Make TestBlockRecovery runnable under all usersDasha
2015-02-23BIGTOP-1521. Bigtop smoke-tests hierarchy and fast failureDasha
2015-02-11BIGTOP-1601. cleanup whitespaces across test-artifactsDasha
2015-02-11BIGTOP-1664. make test unpack resources optionaljayunit100
2015-02-10BIGTOP-1663. TestHadoopSmoke is failing because of improper set-upDasha
2015-01-28BIGTOP-1325. Update TestHDFSCLI to include tests from upstreamDasha
2015-01-28BIGTOP-1617. Make clean-up commands in TestCLI more specificDasha
2015-01-28BIGTOP-1629. Move testDFSCLI from hcfs to hdfs directoryDasha
2015-01-21BIGTOP-1334. Add DFS tests to TestCLIDasha Boudnik
2015-01-14BIGTOP-1593. Fix types in FailureVarsDasha Boudnik
2014-12-15BIGTOP-1560. Add a test case for performing block corruption recoveryDasha Boudnik
2014-11-14BIGTOP-1524. FailureExecutor breaks smoke tests : Smoke tests should run from...jayunit100
2014-11-11BIGTOP-1513. FailureExecutor.groovy is in the wrong module, causing compiler ...Konstantin Boudnik
2014-11-03BIGTOP-1511: make TestCLI compatible with Hadoop 2.4Martin Bukatovic
2014-10-08BIGTOP 1388. Use cluster failure tests during other tests ith command line pa...Dawson Choong
2014-09-08Moving the version to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOTKonstantin Boudnik
2014-09-08Bumping version on the branch to 0.8.0Konstantin Boudnik
2014-08-20BIGTOP-1222. Simplify and gradleize a subset of the bigtop smokes.Jay Vyas
2014-07-12BIGTOP-1342. Make TestCLI usable for both HDFS and HCFSMartin Bukatovic
2014-07-08BIGTOP_TODO. TestCLI cleanupMartin Bukatovic
2014-06-09BIGTOP-1307. Some TestCLI cases fail with 'No such file or directory'Martin Bukatovic
2014-05-29BIGTOP-1321. TestCLI: check assumptions before the test runMartin Bukatovic
2014-05-27BIGTOP-1324. Fix typo in testHDFSConf.xml of TestCLIMartin Bukatovic
2014-05-22BIGTOP-1257. Make TestHadoopExamples modular enough to support longevity tests.Dasha Boudnik
2014-03-17BIGTOP-1221. Expand and updated FUSE testsJay Vyas
2014-03-10BIGTOP-1250. TestTextSnappy failsDasha Boudnik
2014-03-10BIGTOP-1236. TestCLI expecting permissions incorrectlyVirginia Wang
2014-03-04BIGTOP-1238. TestCLI has misspelled 'NAMNEODE' that is used without protocol ...Dasha Boudnik
2014-03-04BIGTOP-1239. TestCLI: make ports optional in regex comparatorsDasha Boudnik
2014-02-28BIGTOP-1234. TestFileAppend shouldn't reuse client during testMultipleOutputS...Virginia Wang
2014-02-27BIGTOP-1225. TestHDFSQuota can fail if tests are run out of orderVirginia Wang
2014-02-27BIGTOP-1026. Big Top Mapred/Itest assertions should report specific commands ...Dasha Boudnik
2014-02-27BIGTOP-1180: Add TestRmAdmin to test yarn rmadminwenwu
2014-02-21BIGTOP-1213. TestHadoopExamples smokes: orderering of tests; other improvementsKonstantin Boudnik
2013-11-07BIGTOP-1141. Add TestYarnNode to test yarn nodewenwu
2013-10-18Opening up Bigtop 0.8.0 developmentRoman Shaposhnik
2013-09-08BIGTOP-1057: Adding teragen/terasort and benchmark tests to mapreduce smokesjayunit100