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2016-05-09The commons-daemon component relies on hardcoded CPU strings in order toODPi-125ganeshraju
2016-03-03BIGTOP-2351. Vagrant VM is missing /user/vagrant HDFS directoryKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-26BIGTOP-2220 : flume-agent.init incorrectly handles flume.confzenmyo
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2314 Added deb and rpm package of Apache Apex to bigtop.chinmaykolhatkar
2016-02-17BIGTOP-2337. Fix script to make deb in Tajoyeongeon
2016-02-15BIGTOP-2179: Add packaging scripts for Apache Tajoyeongeon
2016-01-29BIGTOP-2288: workaround to fix invalid leveldbjni in maven repositoryamir sanjar
2016-01-28BIGTOP-2281: Add HIVE-12875 to BigtopOlaf Flebbe
2016-01-27BIGTOP-2119: Bump Mahout version to 0.11.1Andrew Musselman
2016-01-24BIGTOP-2275: Update configuration files for jsvcOlaf Flebbe
2016-01-23BIGTOP-2276. Zeppeling added war_tempdir location, which needs to be setKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-15BIGTOP-2240 : add -XX:PermSize=1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m to build environmentamir sanjar
2016-01-10BIGTOP-1022. Giraph build script should also specify ZooKeeper, HBase, and Hi...Roman V Shaposhnik
2016-01-08BIGTOP-2222 Hadoop do-component-build should pull in and use BOMAndrew Purtell
2016-01-06BIGTOP-2214. Bump up ignite-hadoop version to the latest stable 1.5.0.final (...Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-06BGITOP-2212: Increase MaxPermSize for zeppelin (because of ppc64le)Olaf Flebbe
2015-12-17BIGTOP-2181. Setting Ignite version to use '.' broke Zeppelin build.Sergey Soldatov
2015-12-10BIGTOP-2166. Zeppelin shouldn't be build against constant version of IgniteKonstantin Boudnik
2015-12-07BIGTOP-2163. Add a phoenix-pherf sub-package for PhoenixYoungwoo Kim
2015-12-07BIGTOP-2162. phoenix-core-*-tests.jar should be located at $PHOENIX_HOMEYoungwoo Kim
2015-12-07BIGTOP-2164. Phoenix Queryserver should write it's logs into /var/log/phoenix/Youngwoo Kim
2015-12-05BIGTOP-2016. tez does not build on opensuseEvans Ye
2015-12-03BIGTOP-1915 Update Oozie to 4.2.0Mike Grimes
2015-11-24BIGTOP-2159. unable to build RPM for zeppelinSergey Soldatov
2015-11-22BIGTOP-2155. Fix Hue 3.9.0 build failed on FedoraEvans Ye
2015-11-14BIGTOP-2140: hbase compile fails with Insufficient memory on POWEROlaf Flebbe
2015-11-14BIGTOP-2139:crunch compile fails with Insufficient memory on POWEROlaf Flebbe
2015-11-14BIGTOP-2137: Fix bigtop-groovy packageOlaf Flebbe
2015-11-10BIGTOP-2128. ignite-hadoop man page still refers to the IncubatorKonstantin Boudnik
2015-11-10BIGTOP-2127: opensuse: fix kerberos python moduleOlaf Flebbe
2015-11-10BIGTOP-2102. Upgrade YCSB to 0.4.0YoungWoo Kim
2015-11-09BIGTOP-2122. Add zeppelin packagesJonathan Kelly
2015-11-08BIGTOP-2113. Spark master doesn't bind to the hostSergey Soldatov
2015-11-06BIGTOP-1905: Update Hue build for the upcoming 3.9 releaseOlaf Flebbe
2015-11-06BIGTOP-2114. hive is broken after BIGTOP-2104Sergey Soldatov
2015-11-02BIGTOP-2104. Packages upgrade to Spark 1.5.1Jonathan Kelly
2015-11-01BIGTOP-2097. cleaning up the ignite-serviceOlaf Flebbe
2015-10-31BIGTOP-2107: Ignite package still shows website at the incubatorOlaf Flebbe
2015-10-15BIGTOP-2091. Build ignite-hadoop assembly with specific version of SparkKonstantin Boudnik
2015-10-15BIGTOP-2090. Remove left-over junk after BIGTOP-2053Konstantin Boudnik
2015-10-09BIGTOP-2082: Remove x86 Assembler Code from zookeeperOlaf Flebbe
2015-09-27BIGTOP-2073: Pig rpm build fails due to typoOlaf Flebbe
2015-09-22BIGTOP-2066: init-hdfs.sh is broken by recent hadoop updateOlaf Flebbe
2015-09-21BIGTOP-1913: Update hive to 1.2.1Olaf Flebbe
2015-09-21BIGTOP-2054: Update PigOlaf Flebbe
2015-09-17BIGTOP-2053. After rebasing on Hadoop 2.7.1 yarn module should be returned to...Konstantin Boudnik
2015-09-16BIGTOP-2049. patch to add io.netty dependency to hadoop-common pom for Hadoop...Tom Zeng
2015-09-10BIGTOP-2026 Phoenix build defines HBASE_VERSION in two different placesAndrew Purtell
2015-09-10BIGTOP-1344: spec files assume RPMs being built on Red HatOlaf Flebbe