path: root/bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet-docker
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2339. add centos-7 to the provisioiner matrixKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-02BIGTOP-2303. Fix the indentation in docker-hadoop.shFaraaz Sareshwala
2016-01-29BIGTOP-2297. Update provisioner pointers to (future) 1.1 release reposKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-23BIGTOP-2238. Provisioner should propagate hdfs ssh keys for testingKonstantin Boudnik
2015-12-26BIGTOP-2194. Add Ubuntu configuration to the docker provisionerKonstantin Boudnik
2015-11-17BIGTOP-2144. Update default repos in Bigtop ProvisionerEvans Ye
2015-10-25BIGTOP-2098: Update bigtop_deploy to current state of puppetize.shOlaf Flebbe
2015-10-24BIGTOP-1908. Move bigtop-deploy's dockerfiles into a centralized docker placeEvans Ye
2015-08-07BIGTOP-1951. Fix licenses in the source filesKonstantin Boudnik
2015-08-07BIGTOP-1958. Upgrade default repositories and docker images to 1.0Evans Ye
2015-05-22BIGTOP-1879. vagrant-puppet-vm is brokenYoungWoo Kim
2015-05-13BIGTOP-1870. Latest version of Puppet::Apt doesn't work for our deployment re...Evans Ye
2015-04-24BIGTOP-1836. Better UX for Dokcer provisioner by integrating it into gradleEvans Ye
2015-04-01BIGTOP-1771. Let the user specify what components to be tested when running s...Evans Ye
2015-04-01BIGTOP-1770. Let the user specify which JDK package to be installed in vagran...Evans Ye
2015-03-13BIGTOP-1751. Puppet deployment ignores bigtop_repo_uri variableEvans Ye
2015-03-08BIGTOP-1732. remove has_ssh in Docker provisionerEvans Ye
2015-03-07BIGTOP-1627. Move enable_local_yum implementation to bigtop-deploy/utils/setu...Evans Ye
2015-02-25BIGTOP-1676. Puppet: add deb repo auto deployEvans Ye
2015-02-08BIGTOP-1655. Update VM and Docker provisioner to work with hiera converted pu...Evans Ye
2015-02-02BIGTOP-1643. vagrant-puppet to support debian as wellOlaf Flebbe
2015-01-27BIGTOP-1603. Rename docker-puppet and vagrant-puppet to better indicate its f...Evans Ye