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2015-09-17BIGTOP-2037. BIGTOP-1746 Added Files Without Apache License HeadersKengo Seki
2014-09-27A lot of bigpetstore files are missing correct lincese. FixedKonstantin Boudnik
2014-03-16Updating NOTICE copyright to 2014Konstantin Boudnik
2012-03-20Preparing for Bigtop 0.3.0 releaseRoman Shaposhnik
2011-08-19Reformatting NOTICE.Andrew Bayer
2011-08-19Removing cloudera info.Andrew Bayer
2011-08-19Updating NOTICE to contain cloudera information.Andrew Bayer
2011-08-05BIGTOP-10 - fixing NOTICE file.Andrew Bayer
2011-08-02BIGTOP-2 Adding/updating license headers for ASF.Andrew Bayer
2011-07-19BIGTOP-1 - initial code import.Andrew Bayer