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2016-01-30Merge branch 'branch-1.1'Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-30Release notes have to be updated for Bigtop 1.1.0: a blocker is discoveredKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-29Merge branch 'branch-1.1'Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-29Adding Release Notes for website and CHANGES.txtKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-27BIGTOP-2289. Set master version to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOTKonstantin Boudnik
2015-08-071.0.0 preparation: release notes for 1.0.0 are updated to reflect more fixes ...Konstantin Boudnik
2015-07-311.0.0 preparation: release notes for 1.0.0 are updated to reflect more fixes ...Konstantin Boudnik
2015-07-301.0.0 preparation: release notes for 1.0.0 are updated to reflect latest fixe...Konstantin Boudnik
2015-05-30Merge branch 'branch-1.0'Konstantin Boudnik
2015-05-30Updating the CHANGES.txt and release notes for Bigtop 1.0.0Konstantin Boudnik
2015-05-30Bumping up the version to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOTKonstantin Boudnik
2015-05-30Preparing for release 1.0.0Konstantin Boudnik
2014-09-28Adding 0.9.0 release train to the CHANGES.txt fileKonstantin Boudnik
2014-09-27Working on release 0.8.0. Release notes are addedKonstantin Boudnik
2014-09-08Preparing for release 0.8.0Konstantin Boudnik
2013-10-18Opening up Bigtop 0.8.0 developmentRoman Shaposhnik
2013-10-18Bigtop 0.7.0 release: updating documentationRoman Shaposhnik
2013-06-10Opening up Bigtop 0.7.0 developmentRoman Shaposhnik
2012-12-10Preparing for Bigtop 0.5.0 releaseRoman Shaposhnik
2012-08-28Fixing some missed entries in the CHANGES.txtKonstantin I Boudnik
2012-08-28BIGTOP-634. Weird output when doing an init action on oozie when it is alread...Konstantin I Boudnik
2012-06-25Updating release notes for Bigtop 0.5.0 releaseRoman Shaposhnik
2012-06-25Preparing for release 0.4.0Roman Shaposhnik
2012-06-22BIGTOP-643: Fix package statement in TestHDFSQuotaKonstantin I Boudnik
2012-03-20Preparing for Bigtop 0.3.0 releaseRoman Shaposhnik
2011-11-01Bumping versions in trunk to 0.3.0-incubatingRoman Shaposhnik
2011-11-01Preparing for release 0.2.0-incubatingRoman Shaposhnik
2011-09-01Add disclaimer to website.Edward J. Yoon
2011-08-19Preparing for 0.2.0-incubating development.Andrew Bayer
2011-08-19Preparing for release 0.1.0-incubatingAndrew Bayer
2011-08-18BIGTOP-14. Add CHANGES.txt file.Andrew Bayer