AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-05Fix build: remove MAVEN_OPTSdeb-successLinaro CI
2016-12-05Patch to fix leveldb buildLinaro CI
2016-12-02Fix spark build files - merge Tone patchGanesh Raju
2016-12-01Fix Spark 2.0 Folder structure for buildGanesh Raju
2016-12-02spark: Fix the debian and rpm build issueNaresh Bhat
2016-12-01Fix rpm buildGanesh Raju
2016-11-30Fix 0001-branch-2.0-Add-deb-profile-to-assembly-pom.xml.patch file location i...Ganesh Raju
2016-11-27Fix: disable ZincServer for spark which causes build failuresGanesh Raju
2016-11-24Fix pom.xml additionalparamganesh.raju
2016-11-24Spark-2.0: Fix spark installationNaresh Bhat
2016-11-24Spark-2.0: Add debian package creation support.Naresh Bhat
2016-11-23Hive: Fix Hive Debian package build issueNaresh Bhat
2016-11-23Fix leveldb patchganesh.raju
2016-11-23Fix leveldb patchganesh.raju
2016-11-23Fix spark version to 2.0.2ganesh.raju
2016-11-23Hive: Remove obsolete patchesNaresh Bhat
2016-11-22Remove apply patch line. It is already applied to git repoganesh.raju
2016-11-22Remove apply patch line. It is already applied to git repoganesh.raju
2016-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/people/ganesh.raju/bigtop-odpiganesh.raju
2016-11-22fix patch - spark skiptestsGanesh Raju
2016-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/people/ganesh.raju/bigtop-odpiganesh.raju
2016-11-22Fix patch add pysparkganesh.raju
2016-11-22Fix aarch64 patchGanesh Raju
2016-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/people/ganesh.raju/bigtop-odpiGanesh Raju
2016-11-22backing fix for spark skiptestsGanesh Raju
2016-11-22backporting aarch64 patch for hbaseGanesh Raju
2016-11-22fix scala versionganesh.raju
2016-11-22fix scala versionganesh.raju
2016-11-22fix scala versionganesh.raju
2016-11-22Fix spark librariesganesh.raju
2016-11-22fix scala version and spark library namesganesh.raju
2016-11-18fix tomcat build issue by upgrading it to 6.0.48ganesh.raju
2016-11-18fix git url for leveldbjni and make for aarch64ganesh.raju
2016-11-17Fix leveldb and leveldbjni url to point to aarch compatible gitganesh.raju
2016-11-17Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/people/ganesh.raju/bigtop-odpiganesh.raju
2016-11-17DO NOT UPSTREAM: hack: backport and remote crunch and tomcat from buildganesh.raju
2016-11-16backporting tez patchGanesh Raju
2016-11-16backporting patch for tez buildGanesh Raju
2016-11-16applying patch for aarch64 build and backporting tez patchGanesh Raju
2016-11-16TEZ: Remove grunt-mochaSteve Capper
2016-11-16Fixed conflicts in repo. Added ARM64 support to levedb for Hadoop building.Jun He
2016-11-14backport: BIGTOP-2573: bigtop-jsvc debian: missing-dependency-on-libcGanesh Raju
2016-11-14tomcat 6.0.45 download url moved. Update to correct urlGanesh Raju
2016-11-14backport Spark 2.0 patchGanesh Raju
2016-11-13crunch: Fix debian rules typoNaresh Bhat
2016-11-13fix conflictsGanesh Raju
2016-11-13do_component_build: Fix jsvc patch conflictsNaresh Bhat
2016-11-03upgraded hive versionGanesh Raju
2016-11-03fix buildGanesh Raju
2016-11-02fix buildGanesh Raju