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2016-05-09The commons-daemon component relies on hardcoded CPU strings in order toODPi-125ganeshraju
build and has no knowledge of AArch64. This patch adds AArch64 support and runs autoreconf to keep the commit size down.
The commons-daemon component relies on hardcoded CPU strings in order to build and has no knowledge of AArch64. This patch adds AArch64 support and runs autoreconf to keep the commit size down.
2016-03-03BIGTOP-2352. Packaged Vagrant box has incorrect host info on restartKonstantin Boudnik
2016-03-03BIGTOP-2351. Vagrant VM is missing /user/vagrant HDFS directoryKonstantin Boudnik
2016-03-02BIGTOP-1843: Upgrade Sqoop to 1.4.6Craig Foster
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-26BIGTOP-2220 : flume-agent.init incorrectly handles flume.confzenmyo
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2339. add centos-7 to the provisioiner matrixKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2347: Clean up build directory after sucessfull build of package (2nd ↵Olaf Flebbe
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2346: Do not use gradle delete() for sources and build directoriesOlaf Flebbe
2016-02-25BIGTOP-2314 Added deb and rpm package of Apache Apex to bigtop.chinmaykolhatkar
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-22BIGTOP-2344: distributions does not mention ppc64el, i386 obsoleteOlaf Flebbe
2016-02-22BIGTOP-2340. BIGTOP-2319 is incomplete: the code for smoke-tests is missingKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-22BIGTOP-2229. bigtop deploy to support centos-7Konstantin Boudnik
2016-02-20BIGTOP-2265: adding dockerfile for bigtop/slaves for x86_64 platformAmir Sanjar
Signed-off-by: Olaf Flebbe <of@ofleb.be>
2016-02-20BIGTOP-2264: adding dockerfile for bigtop/puppet for x86_64 platformAmir Sanjar
Signed-off-by: Olaf Flebbe <of@ofleb.be>
2016-02-18BIGTOP-2296. Provide a way to build Docker container with functional stackKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-17BIGTOP-2332. Upgrade Tajo version to 0.11.1yeongeon
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-17BIGTOP-2337. Fix script to make deb in Tajoyeongeon
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-17BIGTOP-2335. ci link should use https:// authorityKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-17BIGTOP-2334. Update latest release link on the websiteKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-16BIGTOP-2118. Update HBase to 0.98.17Youngwoo Kim
2016-02-15BIGTOP-2179: Add packaging scripts for Apache Tajoyeongeon
Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-15BIGTOP-2319. Build initial smoke-tests distributionKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-11BIGTOP-2136: A comment about parameter substitution in BPS_analytics.pig is ↵Kengo Seki
slightly wrong Signed-off-by: Youngwoo Kim <ywkim@apache.org>
2016-02-10BIGTOP-2308: Clean up build directory after sucessfull build of packageOlaf Flebbe
2016-02-08BIGTOP-2318. Release assembly needs to be updatedKonstantin Boudnik
2016-02-02BIGTOP-2302. Use apt instead of yum in setup-env-debian.shFaraaz Sareshwala
2016-02-02BIGTOP-2303. Fix the indentation in docker-hadoop.shFaraaz Sareshwala
2016-01-31BIGTOP-2301: Bigtop Homepage shows wrong url to CIOlaf Flebbe
2016-01-30Merge branch 'branch-1.1'Konstantin Boudnik
Latest commits made for release 1.1.0
2016-01-30Release notes have to be updated for Bigtop 1.1.0: a blocker is discoveredKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-30BIGTOP-2299. test resources are breaking ratKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-29Merge branch 'branch-1.1'Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-29Adding Release Notes for website and CHANGES.txtKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-29BIGTOP-2180: Add smoke-test scripts using gradle for Apache Tajo.yeongeon
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Boudnik <cos@apache.org>
2016-01-29BIGTOP-2288: workaround to fix invalid leveldbjni in maven repositoryamir sanjar
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Boudnik <cos@apache.org>
2016-01-29BIGTOP-2297. Update provisioner pointers to (future) 1.1 release reposKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-28Merge branch 'branch-1.1'Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-28BIGTOP-2281: Add HIVE-12875 to BigtopOlaf Flebbe
2016-01-27Prepare for release 1.1.0Konstantin Boudnik
2016-01-27BIGTOP-2289. Set master version to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOTKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-27BIGTOP-2278. Wrap separate maven release steps into convenient gradle taskKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-27BIGTOP-2119: Bump Mahout version to 0.11.1Andrew Musselman
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Boudnik <cos@apache.org>
2016-01-24BIGTOP-2277. release assembly needs to include bigtop_toolchainKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-24BIGTOP-2275: Update configuration files for jsvcOlaf Flebbe
2016-01-23BIGTOP-2276. Zeppeling added war_tempdir location, which needs to be setKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-23BIGTOP-2238. Provisioner should propagate hdfs ssh keys for testingKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-23BIGTOP-2237. Nullify the standard output when generating gradle cacheEvans Ye
2016-01-22BIGTOP-2271. Update maven rat config to match one from gradleKonstantin Boudnik
2016-01-22BIGTOP-2272. moved hdfs ssh key are failing rat checkKonstantin Boudnik