BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterltp: remove debug set -xNaresh Kamboju18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-10ltp: remove debug set -xHEADmasterNaresh Kamboju
2017-10-06automated: ltp: add x15 skip fileMilosz Wasilewski add support for oreo androidYongqin Liu
2017-10-05linux: ltp: skipfile-lkft-hikey: Skip fanotify07Dan Rue
2017-10-04linux: ltp: Add debug output (set -x)Dan Rue
2017-09-28andorid automated boottime: some improvementsYongqin Liu
2017-09-27android: set 'adb wait-for-device' timeout to 10 minutesChase Qi
2017-09-22android: tradefed: pass ANDROID_SERIAL env var to tradefed-runnerChase Qi
2017-09-21test-runner: add support for remote execution in LAVAChase Qi
2017-09-19android boottime and bootchart: install curl packageYongqin Liu