BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterinitial nginx draft changes for ofp-odpKapil Hali3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-10initial nginx draft changes for ofp-odpHEADmasterKapil Hali
2015-12-08release-1.9.8 tagMaxim Dounin
2015-12-08nginx-1.9.8-RELEASEMaxim Dounin
2015-12-08Slice filter: terminate first slice with last_in_chain flag.Roman Arutyunyan
2015-12-08Slice filter: never run subrequests when main request is buffered.Roman Arutyunyan
2015-12-08SSL: fixed possible segfault on renegotiation (ticket #845).Sergey Kandaurov
2015-12-07Updated OpenSSL and PCRE used for win32 builds.Maxim Dounin
2015-12-07Added slice module to win32 builds.Maxim Dounin
2015-12-07Slice filter.Roman Arutyunyan
2015-12-07Upstream: fill r->headers_out.content_range from upstream response.Roman Arutyunyan