BranchCommit messageAuthorAge insert version number in doxygen configThomas Monjalon6 years set version 1.3.1r3Thomas Monjalon6 years update version to 1.4.1r1 and add helper macrosThomas Monjalon6 years version to 1.4.1Intel6 years
intel/1.5.0Intel DPDK 1.5.0Intel6 years
linarolib: set version 1.2.3r2 and more helper macrosThomas Monjalon6 years
odpadd .gitignoreZi Shen Lim5 years
z-wiparm: l2fwd app build fix.Santosh Shukla6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-07-19mk: insert version number in doxygen Monjalon
2013-07-19mk: add rule to print version numberThomas Monjalon
2013-07-19doc: minor rewordingThomas Monjalon
2013-07-10lib: set version 1.2.3r4Thomas Monjalon
2013-07-10eal: load libraries before creating threadsDamien Millescamps
2013-07-10eal: add flag to force unbind deviceDamien Millescamps
2013-07-10app: fix configuration of pause frames in testpmdZijie Pan
2013-06-12lib: set version 1.2.3r3Thomas Monjalon
2013-06-12mem: get physical address of any pointerDamien Millescamps
2013-06-12eal: add support for shared object driversDamien Millescamps