AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-07print-tcp: add some NFS printing finishHEADmasterDenis Ovsienko
2013-11-07print-tcp: move nfs specific dispacting to after the tcp header decodingLonginus00
2013-11-07print-nfs: add versions of nfsreq_print and nfsreply_print that do not print ...Longinus00
2013-10-31NFLOG: fix error messageDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-31NFLOG: more minor improvementsDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-29nflog - minor changesPetar
2013-10-29update URLs in the READMEDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-29remove some stray filesDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-26fix printing of unknown TCP optionsDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-26fix flags printing testsDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-21Add -g3 on some platforms even if .devel isn't present.Guy Harris
2013-10-18Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://bpf.tcpdump.org/tcpdump/master/git/tcpdumpGuy Harris
2013-10-18Put lower-case letters before their upper-case equivalents in getopt().Guy Harris
2013-10-18print-tcp: separate tcp_seq_hash into ipv4 and ipv6 versionsLonginus00
2013-10-18adopt MacOS deprecation workaround from FreeRADIUSDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-18Babel: improve printing of time intervalsDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-17Explain why we set -xansi -signed for MIPS C.Guy Harris
2013-10-17Update a comment for the previous commit.Guy Harris
2013-10-17We no longer use the GCC version, so don't fetch it.Guy Harris
2013-10-17With .devel, add -g3 for MIPS C and DEC C.Guy Harris
2013-10-17We require autoconf 2.61 in configure.in; that suffices.Guy Harris
2013-10-17Note that clang, for example, is considered "gcc" by autoconf.Guy Harris
2013-10-17Clean up handling of -g and -O flags.Guy Harris
2013-10-17No C++/C99-style comments; not all C compilers necessarily support them.Guy Harris
2013-10-16Not all compilers that can be used support C++/C99-style comments.Guy Harris
2013-10-16That's README.md, not README.ad.Guy Harris
2013-10-16README got renamed to README.ad.Guy Harris
2013-10-15make pcap_setdirection() call conditional, GH #252Denis Ovsienko
2013-10-14mind MSVC's UNALIGNED macro (GH #335 pt.2)Denis Ovsienko
2013-10-12NFS: replace ino_t with u_int32_t (GH #335 pt. 1)Denis Ovsienko
2013-10-11Merge pull request #334 from tejblum/float-store-2Denis Ovsienko
2013-10-07Use -ffloat-store while compiling if possible.Dmitrij Tejblum
2013-10-07Simplify AC_LBL_CHECK_COMPILER_OPT a bit.Dmitrij Tejblum
2013-10-05merge 'threv' and 'rev' variables in print-tcp into just 'rev'Longinus00
2013-10-03add a TCP Fast Open test caseDenis Ovsienko
2013-10-03add a acomment to tcp_print()Denis Ovsienko
2013-10-03add support for experimental tcp fast open and parsing experimental optionsLonginus00
2013-09-24justify declarations of struct tok arraysDenis Ovsienko
2013-09-18LMP: amend tests/.gitignoreDenis Ovsienko
2013-09-13Merge pull request #332 from msabramo/README_markdownMichael Richardson
2013-09-13README.md: Fix typo: INSTALL => INSTALL.txtMarc Abramowitz
2013-09-13README.md: Remove VCS header line; add title and Travis CI build badgeMarc Abramowitz
2013-09-13refine tcpdump(1) manpage (GH #119)Denis Ovsienko
2013-09-12README.md: Markdown formatting tweaksMarc Abramowitz
2013-09-12Rename README to README.mdMarc Abramowitz
2013-09-12syslog: refine the decoderDenis Ovsienko
2013-09-12fix parsing of syslog priority (GH #264)Bram
2013-09-12add a test case for syslog over UDPDenis Ovsienko
2013-09-12simplify pcap_setdirection() detectionDenis Ovsienko
2013-09-12add support for pcap_setdirection() (GH#252)Thomas Jacob