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+# Various flags applied to a TCP session.
+# We cannot rely on, for example, "print-x.out" and
+# "print-X.out" being different files - we might be running
+# this on a case-insensitive file system, e.g. a Windows
+# file system or a case-insensitive HFS+ file system on
+# Mac OS X.
+# Therefore, for "X" and "XX", we have "print-capX.out"
+# and "print-capXX.out".
+print-x print-flags.pcap print-x.out -t -x
+print-xx print-flags.pcap print-xx.out -t -xx
+print-X print-flags.pcap print-capX.out -t -X
+print-XX print-flags.pcap print-capXX.out -t -XX
+print-A print-flags.pcap print-A.out -t -A
+print-AA print-flags.pcap print-AA.out -t -AA
# BGP tests
bgp_vpn_attrset bgp_vpn_attrset.pcap bgp_vpn_attrset.out -t -v
mpbgp-linklocal-nexthop mpbgp-linklocal-nexthop.pcap mpbgp-linklocal-nexthop.out -t -v