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@@ -82,30 +82,6 @@ events for atomic commits correctly. But fixing these bugs is good anyway.
Contact: Daniel Vetter, respective driver maintainers
-Better manual-upload support for atomic
-This would be especially useful for tinydrm:
-- Add a struct drm_rect dirty_clip to drm_crtc_state. When duplicating the
- crtc state, clear that to the max values, x/y = 0 and w/h = MAX_INT, in
- __drm_atomic_helper_crtc_duplicate_state().
-- Move tinydrm_merge_clips into drm_framebuffer.c, dropping the tinydrm\_
- prefix ofc and using drm_fb\_. drm_framebuffer.c makes sense since this
- is a function useful to implement the fb->dirty function.
-- Create a new drm_fb_dirty function which does essentially what e.g.
- mipi_dbi_fb_dirty does. You can use e.g. drm_atomic_helper_update_plane as the
- template. But instead of doing a simple full-screen plane update, this new
- helper also sets crtc_state->dirty_clip to the right coordinates. And of
- course it needs to check whether the fb is actually active (and maybe where),
- so there's some book-keeping involved. There's also some good fun involved in
- scaling things appropriately. For that case we might simply give up and
- declare the entire area covered by the plane as dirty.
-Contact: Noralf Trønnes, Daniel Vetter
Fallout from atomic KMS
@@ -209,6 +185,36 @@ Would be great to refactor this all into a set of small common helpers.
Contact: Daniel Vetter
+Generic fbdev defio support
+The defio support code in the fbdev core has some very specific requirements,
+which means drivers need to have a special framebuffer for fbdev. Which prevents
+us from using the generic fbdev emulation code everywhere. The main issue is
+that it uses some fields in struct page itself, which breaks shmem gem objects
+(and other things).
+Possible solution would be to write our own defio mmap code in the drm fbdev
+emulation. It would need to fully wrap the existing mmap ops, forwarding
+everything after it has done the write-protect/mkwrite trickery:
+- In the drm_fbdev_fb_mmap helper, if we need defio, change the
+ default page prots to write-protected with something like this::
+ vma->vm_page_prot = pgprot_wrprotect(vma->vm_page_prot);
+- Set the mkwrite and fsync callbacks with similar implementions to the core
+ fbdev defio stuff. These should all work on plain ptes, they don't actually
+ require a struct page. uff. These should all work on plain ptes, they don't
+ actually require a struct page.
+- Track the dirty pages in a separate structure (bitfield with one bit per page
+ should work) to avoid clobbering struct page.
+Might be good to also have some igt testcases for this.
+Contact: Daniel Vetter, Noralf Tronnes
Put a reservation_object into drm_gem_object
@@ -354,9 +360,6 @@ KMS cleanups
Some of these date from the very introduction of KMS in 2008 ...
-- drm_mode_config.crtc_idr is misnamed, since it contains all KMS object. Should
- be renamed to drm_mode_config.object_idr.
- drm_display_mode doesn't need to be derived from drm_mode_object. That's
leftovers from older (never merged into upstream) KMS designs where modes
where set using their ID, including support to add/remove modes.
@@ -432,21 +435,10 @@ those drivers as simple as possible, so lots of room for refactoring:
one of the ideas for having a shared dsi/dbi helper, abstracting away the
transport details more.
-- tinydrm_gem_cma_prime_import_sg_table should probably go into the cma
- helpers, as a _vmapped variant (since not every driver needs the vmap).
- And tinydrm_gem_cma_free_object could the be merged into
- drm_gem_cma_free_object().
-- tinydrm_fb_create we could move into drm_simple_pipe, only need to add
- the fb_create hook to drm_simple_pipe_funcs, which would again simplify a
- bunch of things (since it gives you a one-stop vfunc for simple drivers).
- Quick aside: The unregister devm stuff is kinda getting the lifetimes of
a drm_device wrong. Doesn't matter, since everyone else gets it wrong
too :-)
-- also rework the drm_framebuffer_funcs->dirty hook wire-up, see above.
Contact: Noralf Trønnes, Daniel Vetter
AMD DC Display Driver