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Merge branches 'acpi-pm' and 'pm-pci'
* acpi-pm: ACPI: PM: Make acpi_sleep_state_supported() non-static ACPI: PM: Allow transitions to D0 to occur in special cases ACPI: PM: Avoid evaluating _PS3 on transitions from D3hot to D3cold ACPI / sleep: Switch to use acpi_dev_get_first_match_dev() ACPI / LPIT: Correct LPIT end address for lpit_process() * pm-pci: ACPI: PM: Unexport acpi_device_get_power() PCI: PM/ACPI: Refresh all stale power state data in pci_pm_complete() PCI / ACPI: Add _PR0 dependent devices ACPI / PM: Introduce concept of a _PR0 dependent device PCI / ACPI: Use cached ACPI device state to get PCI device power state PCI: Do not poll for PME if the device is in D3cold PCI: Add missing link delays required by the PCIe spec PCI: PM: Replace pci_dev_keep_suspended() with two functions PCI: PM: Avoid resuming devices in D3hot during system suspend