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authorIoana Ciornei <ioana.ciornei@nxp.com>2018-12-04 11:20:29 +0000
committerLi Yang <leoyang.li@nxp.com>2019-01-08 14:15:37 -0600
commit991e873223e9bcfaf10a0074eec1507c1ddfb6ab (patch)
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parente181a569d8e52d5a5c91cf2ddc3ebcfb81163887 (diff)
soc: fsl: dpio: use a cpumask to identify which cpus are unused
The current implementation of the dpio driver uses a static next_cpu variable to keep track of the index of the next cpu available. This approach does not handle well unbinding and binding dpio devices in a random order. For example, unbinding a dpio and then binding it again with the driver, will generate the below error: $ echo dpio.5 > /sys/bus/fsl-mc/drivers/fsl_mc_dpio/unbind $ echo dpio.5 > /sys/bus/fsl-mc/drivers/fsl_mc_dpio/bind [ 103.946380] fsl_mc_dpio dpio.5: probe failed. Number of DPIOs exceeds NR_CPUS. [ 103.955157] fsl_mc_dpio dpio.5: fsl_mc_driver_probe failed: -34 -bash: echo: write error: No such device Fix this error by keeping a global cpumask of unused cpus that will be updated at every dpaa2_dpio_[probe,remove]. Signed-off-by: Ioana Ciornei <ioana.ciornei@nxp.com> Signed-off-by: Li Yang <leoyang.li@nxp.com>
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diff --git a/include/soc/fsl/dpaa2-io.h b/include/soc/fsl/dpaa2-io.h
index 3fbd71c27ba3..243119c53cdf 100644
--- a/include/soc/fsl/dpaa2-io.h
+++ b/include/soc/fsl/dpaa2-io.h
@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx {
void *dpio_private;
+int dpaa2_io_get_cpu(struct dpaa2_io *d);
int dpaa2_io_service_register(struct dpaa2_io *service,
struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx *ctx);
void dpaa2_io_service_deregister(struct dpaa2_io *service,