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Merge branches 'acpi-button', 'acpi-battery' and 'acpi-osi'
Merge updates of the ACPI battery and button drivers and support for a new OEM _OSI string for 4.19. * acpi-button: ACPI / button: fix defined but not used warning ACPI / button: increment wakeup count only when notified * acpi-battery: ACPI / battery: Do not export energy_full[_design] on devices without full_charge_capacity ACPI / battery: get rid of negations in conditions ACPI / battery: use specialized print macros ACPI / battery: reorder headers alphabetically ACPI / battery: drop inclusion of init.h ACPI: battery: remove redundant old_present check on insertion * acpi-osi: ACPI / OSI: Add OEM _OSI string to enable NVidia HDMI audio